Young people these days

Only posters over 30 are allowed in this thread

Longer version is even more ridiculous

Christ almighty. If this was the old OA things would be about to get merciless for poor Trion.

Why Leps? :frowning:

leaves thread

I’m over thirty but hopefully I’m allowed to leave this thread and never return.


You say that but I will compel you to come back :sunglasses:

I’m under 30, but the shit younger people moan about really pisses me off.

Such a massive divide between being 28 and someone who is 25 now. You can really tell when social media hit secondary schools.

Sorry for breaking your rules :wink:


Yeah more videos ridiculing socialists should do the trick


“Point of debate”

I dread the day I become old and dull enough to just want to trash the younger generations because they don’t hold precisely the same values and interests I do. It’s absolutely tedious.


Nawww you think youre young and fun for clapping along to teenage whining.

And I won & he is back.

Adhere to the culture of being old and criticize the young uns, you rational rebel.

Everyone who thinks Jakey is a killjoy, do jazzhands


I generally agree with this. I’m closing in on 40 now so it’s pretty clear to me that I a) don’t get it and b) I’m not supposed to when it comes to young people. That more refers to trends and games, TV shows, music they might be into etc though. There are plenty of wonderful young people out there whos views I agree hugely with such as Emma Gonzalez or Greta Thunberg.

I think I’m fun for disliking yours and Trion’s over thirties whining, I don’t see any young people here whining, just you two :kissing_heart:


Imagine a world full of Greta Thunberg’s
When I hear her name I think of this:

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Can you explain why you feel that way?

I’ve seen some documentaries on the way her parents use her as tool to get their points across.
Both her parents are very controlling and the fact they are using their daughter, who has mental health problems, to further there arguments is worrying.
There are several documentaries but this is one of them:

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Because they are not allowed to be in this thread

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Young people are awesome.

Sure they are a bit tough around the edge in many ways, and could do with a bit of growing up in others, but yeah.

Having finally had a few minutes to watch that video I’d say the guy talking is saying the exact opposite of what’s in your post.

I can’t say I’ve looked much into Greta Thunbergs life beyond what I’ve seen in terms of her activism. I don’t get the impression she’s speaking other people’s thoughts to be perfectly honest but if there is evidence that’s the case fine. That video is not it though.