You know what really grinds my gears?

Mate, I’m 3 days a week in the office and it’s too much at times haha.

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I love getting paid to take a massive dump at work, but you gotta show some consideration towards others.

That’s disgusting :face_vomiting:


I love office dumps too. Getting paid and squeezing out a massive turd gives an amazing shot of dopamine.

I’ve been getting quotes from local tradesmen on a bathroom renovation project I am thinking about.

Seems like most of them are either genuinely so busy that they can’t wait to have a look and get out that by the time they’ve gone I feel like I never got a chance to ask the questions I wanted or fully explain what I want to get done.

Starting to think it’s a bit of an indirect sales thing where they’re trying to sell how busy they are but in reality it’s annoying and a bit off putting.

Edit: apologies if it sounds like I’m categorising people, I definitely do not mean to.


I had a similar experience last year. Guy called out an hour earlier than expected and all i could do was let him in and go back to my work call. He fucked off sharpish and sent back a proposal that included moving the door (no thanks) and was about 50% higher than expected cost wise.

Still haven’t looked into it again since and am dreading it but ive about a dozen loose tiles now so little choice but to do something! Ugh.

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I think they genuinely are busy.

My sister’s partner is a plumber and he often works with a mate who is an electriciton. I mean, they can both do most DIY tasks, but that is what they specialise in. I kept trying to get him round to remove and replace a radiator. Took forever! and when it eventually happened he sent his little mate, the intern.

I thought at first it was just because I was his sister in law, so he felt he couldn’t charge me so wanted to put full paying customers first… fair enough, but nope, he was just genuinely busy. He is out 7am to 7pm doing jobs 7 days a week. Could be later, but he just set his own limit,

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So basically I work in a diagnostic field, but I’m being co-sued for a case of choriocarcinoma with lung mets, but the patient didn’t have the lung mets when he was diagnosed with the above. So, thanks humanity, ya fks. :wink:

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Every sixth or seventh item on my FB feed is scousers jizzing the pants over Klopp, plus any other random ‘hero’. Fucks sake. I’m blocking every cunting one of them.

I can see where you’ve gone wrong there. You’re still using Facebook.


Since the advent of AI art, everybody posting their ‘oil on canvas’ masterpiece on social media all the time.

Not so much a grind my gears more a Wtf.

Popped into the card shop this morning tk grab a birthday card, thought I’d get the obligatory Ventines card because there ain’t no way I’m falling in that trap of lets not do cards and shite.

Since fucking when, was it ok to have valentines cards titled… To my niece, to my nephew, to my daughter, to my work wife, to my work husband…sorry but THAT is properly fucked up!! Fucking creepy/incestuous and noncy.


I’m sure this has already been mentioned but…

USB leads - old style.

Attempting to plug one in, but having it the wrong way up, so you flip it around and still can’t plug the fucker in because you then realise you in fact did have it the correct way round first time. :man_shrugging:t3:


Taxi drivers who INSIST on small talk. Let me get to where I want in peace god damn it!!

“Been busy, mate?” Is my first bit of small talk before it goes deathly silent.

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Either that or “had a good day/night?” That’s the furthest I’ll go with convo

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Make it really uneasy for everyone in the vehicle and sit in the front passenger seat.

I have never sat in the front of a taxi since wayyyyyyyyy before covid lol.

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Maybe it’s a conscious thing but I feel like if I ride up front, they’re less likely to drive like they got their driving licence from Legoland Windsor.