The bottom line is everything sucks.

I’m not happy with the direction Stone Cold Steve Austin is going and I’m not happy with the whole direction the company is going

I think the writing has been substandard, hell I’ll got one better and say the writing has been piss-poor

As a matter of fact, I haven’t been happy with what I’ve been doing since before Wrestlemania.

I’m still happy to be with the World Wrestling Federation…love my job…but the bottom line is creative could be a hell of a lot better than what it is.

No lies told from Stone Cold.

Vince had the cheek to call him the ‘most demanding’ after putting up with HBK ffs :joy:

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Already did this type of match with Cena. Desperate.

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And, what was the response?

“It’s been done before. We’re just regurgitating the same old shit now. Does anyone have any fresh ideas? We don’t. We may have to run with this if we’re out of luck the night before 'Mania”

Doesn’t make sense. It won’t be a good match. I don’t want to see it

Put Austin in the ring with Rollins or someone with a style that’ll make Austin look a million dollars still

Anyone watching RAW XXX? Bloodline segment is on, such good shit.

Undertaker American Badass, you love to see it

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When WWE goes for it properly with a nostalgia show like they did last night it’s always a great watch. Quite often they invoke nostalgia without really making the effort, especially on weekly tv but last night was very good.

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Side note - WWE hasn’t had a PPV since Survivor Series in November and I think the break has allowed better tv and a better build to the Rumble as well. The December/January PPV has always been a bit filler. I reckon they should keep this schedule.


Good on TK pushing for this.

For those that don’t have the context, some TV exec was really against having the Briscoes on TV because of some past homophobic comments he made a decade ago. Jay apologized many times since then and people have vouched for him being supportive of the LGBT community ever since he made the comments but it didn’t make a difference.

Anyway, sucks his death had to come for the Briscoes to be acknowledged.

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I couldn’t care less about Tony Khan trying to get brownie points from this situation. Tbh I thought the network had a point.

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I’d give it to an up and comer who could use the spotlight - LA Knight could be entertaining.

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That could be fun but they’ve kinda done that schtick with KO, didn’t they?
Steve has finite number of bumps he can take if he were to continue his comeback.
He seems to have been working out a lot the past year trying to get in shape as well. You As much as I would like it, you have to cash in now and go big.

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KO’s a former champ, and an established main eventer who could lose to Austin without it damaging him.

LA Knight might take a bit of a knock from losing to Austin (because nobody’s beating Austin at Mania, let’s be honest) but he will still come out ahead from being featured in a program with him.

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Do you think they’re investing in LA Knight. Been a fan of the guy since he was Eli Drake in TNA.

Glad he finally got an opportunity in WWE and on the main roster.
His age could be a problem though. Hopefully he is an exception like Lashley(return) and AJ who received a push in their 40s.

I mean obviously having spent so much of his career outside of WWE is damaging for him, especially when his achievements were pretty negligible compared to other North Americans who’ve come in from outside like Styles or even Samoa Joe when he was there.

I’m sure he’ll make a decent upper midcarder and he needs the spotlight that comes with a featured feud with a hall of famer.

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predictions for who will show up at the rumble?

Hope The Rock.

Matt Cardona and a NJPW guy

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