Any preference?

Jay White

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You think Zack returning is a good idea?
I know he’s WWE for life but I don’t see his standing in the company changing much. Does he really care though is the question.

maybe Big E, not sure how much longer he’s out for?

I don’t think it’s been ruled out that it’s career over for him has it?

Not a bad career tbf. Feels like yesterday when he were rumours about having to retire due to some spine issue. I think it was around 2016-2017. Got another 6 good years out of it and is still in top shape at 45(!!).

The Brawling Brutes stuff is the most entertaining he’s been in years, no doubt.

Overachiever. Never found him that great. Has his place though.


The funny thing is, it’s taken WWE almost his whole career to work out his best character is “tough Irish guy who likes a pint” :joy:

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They keep beefing :arteta3:
Love it.

Btw, love how Jericho jumped on it trying to stir the pot:


A friend of mine used to train with him about 20 years ago. Finn Balor too. Amazing what they achieved really. There is zero money in the Irish Wrestling scene.


I worked with Sheamus’ cousin when I was training as a teacher. He was the spitting image of Sheamus, and he did not enjoy the kids pointing it out :joy:

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Who’s winning the Royal Rumble 2023?
  • The Rock
  • Stone Cold
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Seth Rollins
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Sami Zayn

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not really sure

KO v Reigns will close out the show. Think this puts to bed Zayn and The Rock winning the Rumble. It’s gonna be Cody or Seth. Could be both actually with some scrappy finish.
Bit surreal how Cody is finally doing. He is actually gonna get his big moment. :clap:

Is it tonight or tomorrow night?

Kickoff starting in a few minutes.

1am tonight uk time

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I don’t care for the other matches, just the rumble

Ah ok. May watch it on Monday. Have the day off