Got it in 3. Love Canadian Stampede

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Maybe we should take bets on when you’ll run out of patience and stop? :grinning:

I reckon you’ll make it to 2002.

Kurt Angle was on JRE. Should be a wild episode. :rofl:

Wait till Rogan hears about Kurt’s pill addiction.

Rogan: “Have you ever done DMD?”
Angle: “No, but I was taking 65 pills every day to ease the pain”
Rogan: “Wow, Jamie pull up chimpanzee takes down alligator”

Nah if I was gonna call it quits it’d have been in 95/96. Smooth sailing now

One for gc


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Gonna give Dynamite a watch tonight, purely for Claudio v Kingston and MJF v Joe.

Those should be bangers. Rest I’m a bit meh.

I expect some sort of surprise as well. Maybe Edge is showing up tonight.

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Yesterday(this morning really) I learned that if someone’s fucked up after you poorly deliver a piledriver on them, you should then deliver another poor piledriver on them and ensure they land right on top of their head again. :man_facepalming:

Fenix botches and injures Ambrose
Fenix then does a botched piledriver
Ambrose tells ref there’s a problem
Fenix does a second piledriver
Ref counts and Fenix is made champion inadvertently

Good work everyone. Christ.

What the f…

They’ll sweep this under the rug, and tell you Mox ended up only being concussed and everything is fine, but you could have very well paralyzed the guy(if not the first time, the second time), and then had to explain to his wife backstage how that happened to the father of her daughter.

I think what pisses me off the most about AEW is that any criticism or feedback about the promotion is treated like it’s just unnecessary hate even when you have good intentions.

Looks an eventful day for WWE.

Smackdown going to USA starting October 2024.
Also, talent cuts happening right now. Ali and Emma gone so far.

Dolph Ziggler gone. Wow.

Remember the story of Ziggler having a handshake deal with WWE about letting him go to pursue other things after that match with Goldberg at SummerSlam, only for Vince to tell him that he isn’t going anywhere and that he would rather pay him to stay home? :rofl:

Ziggler was a lifer there and they were pay him millions every year because they could slot him anywhere in the card and he would make it work.

I think this is the new reality with TKO. Dudes aren’t going to get millions because of loyalty or fear that they could go to AEW.

If people thought Vince was cutthroat, these guys are worse.

Was wondering earlier who the big name casualty would be as there’s always one. His brothers in AEW? Inevitable he’ll end up there now.

Elias and Shelton Benjamin also gone.

All good cuts so far I think

No person losing their job can be classed as a good cut, but the reality of the business.


Fair. The right cuts if you’re making them perhaps then.

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No cut is good. People are losing their jobs ffs

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