Would you Cash in on Sanchez and Ozil?

  • I’d sell Ozil and let Sanchez run down his contract
  • I’d sell Sanchez and let Ozil run down his contract
  • Keep both, even if we lose them for free
  • Sell both, cash money son

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Just wanted to ask the question would you cash in on Sanchez and Ozil ? Or would you prefer to have them stay entering the final years of their contracts ?

We all know the board/ Owner will cash in if they don’t sign the contracts soon but I’d prefer them to stay another year even if it means losing them for free.

Edit also if one of the mods could add a poll to this question that would be great as it does not seem to be giving me the option.

Keep both. Don’t fucking sell both like in 11/12 then we had a shit team plus van Persie.

There’s no RvP to save us in 17/18

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We have to keep both and then buy two more players of their quality if we want them to stay.

Wenger has sold all of our best players in recent seasons and has never replaced them with anything other than inadequate players.

Selling Ozil and Sanchez would be completely pointless.
It would leave us with the worst midfield of any top club in the PL, and we would struggle, not only to replace them, but to attract any more decent players.

Give them what they want.

If Wenger had bought a couple of worlds class players to play alongside them, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Unfortunately Wenger droning on about “players not meeting with his valuation” is going to cost him a lot more than if he hadn’t dithered so much in the transfer market.

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The only danger is that we lose Sanchez to a rival team (do we have those anymore?) because I can’t see a team spending in excess of £50m on a player they can have for free in a year.

As with Ozil, I think he’ll sign so I don’t see it being as big a problem.

‘droning on’ really made me chuckle. :smile:

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Only if i personally get the money.

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I’d keep them both. Özil will sign a new deal anyway, and I’d rather Sanchez go to Chelsea of his own accord than have Arsenal sanction the deal.

The problem is that if Sanchez is that unhappy here, all that will happen is that he will get even more disruptive than he already has.
We will also lose out on the 30-40m Chelsea would pay for him that we could spend on a replacement.

I want Ozil and Sanchez to stay, and if they want us to sign a couple of exciting world class players, then just do it, because if they leave we won’t be playing CL football or challenging for the PL with what’s left.

I really couldn’t give a crap about missing out on Chelsea’s oil money. I will never be in favour of selling our best player to a direct rival!

I agree.
When we sold RVP to our rivals knowing he would win them the PL title, it was one of the worst things Wenger has done.

But to have a player, for a season, who clearly isn’t happy, and has a history of being a disruptive influence, no longer makes him our best player.

I want both Ozil and Sanchez to stay, and if they are happy to do that, if we buy a couple of world class players, then that is the ideal scenario.
If they are unhappy, and are going to drag us down, then we should take the money and buy a couple of players that do want to play for us, as well as some other world class players that we have waited too long for.

Watching Sanchez pocket a huge signing on fee, after dragging us down with his petulance for another season, and then see him strengthen Chelsea even more, while we get nothing in return would be as bad as RVP leaving for Man U.

I certainly agree with you that we shouldn’t be selling our best players, which Sanchez definitely is, but if he is disruptive to the rest of the team then he is no longer our best player.

With the money we paid for both and seeing how the club is run as a business there is no way on earth they’ll be allowed to run down their contracts. They’ll sign or be sold. That’s how this club works.


I’ve been weighing this up all week and changing my mind daily and genuinely could tick any of those boxes.

I’d hate to lose both for free because next summer could only be a downer no matter who we sign, and knowing Arsenal it’ll weaken our 2017 budget and probably our 2018 budget too. At the same time, I wouldn’t the want the hit (PR, morale and football) of losing both this window either so I’d say ideally it’s one stays one goes.

In terms of which one to stays, who knows. Depends what the offers are for them and the state of the player. If one is more likely to extend their contract I’d happily gamble on that. Football wise, Sanchez looks likely to be our top scorer in a season since RvP’s exit and Ozil has been our best creator in a season since Cesc’s exit so they both have merit for me.

I’d maybe accept having to lose both on the basis that we 1) got good fees for them, 2) they really wanted out and 3) we had the transfer window to end all transfer windows where we show the world we mean fucking business. Take our 80-100m budget, add in what we recoup, maybe shift someone like Ramsey and/or Ox and then blow 160-200m on exciting players aged 18-26 and really try and rebuild a new project for the next 4 years because patching up this team isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Keeping things consistent hasn’t helped us so I’d rather get half a new team. GK, LB, CM, winger, Alexis replacement and/or Ozil replacement to go straight into the first eleven. Wenger likes to not change too much too soon with his squad, but I bet he’d have more joy trying to play the kind of style he wants to if he brought in a load of players actually capable of doing it. I’d accept Szczesny as the keeper for one season if we want to take that gamble then re-eveluuate in 2018.

Then again, we could basically do all this and keep one of them too but spend 130-170m instead so who the fuck knows.


I just think there’s precious little chance of allowing both to leave and then turning round to a bunch of exciting new talents and saying “hey, take a chance on being part of Wenger’s 5th cycle, ok we’re starting from scratch but we’ll build our team around a massive spend this summer”

If I were one of Monaco’s young talented cohort say, in my early 20s, I would be looking st 2017 Wenger and thinking this guy doesn’t impress me so much, what other bigger clubs are available?

Looks very much like Ozil is happy to waste another few years of his talent here really, so that means the board will lose Sanchez off the payroll and make a transfer profit white happily. Ozil will get his wages and don’t forget 4 or 5 others will go this summer

I don’t see any positives to cashing in on them as a fan or in terms of the club’s perspective. Recouping that £75m and being unable to spend it in a way that would leave us in a better position than before is just pointless. Whichever way you look at it we’re better off having Ozil and Sanchez at the club next season, with or without Wenger.


Great post.
Especially this.

But we all know it isn’t going to happen, even though it would be the best scenario for the club.

Like you say, keeping things consistent clearly hasn’t worked.
Consistency has led to stagnation, and the club needs the biggest lift it has had since Wenger has been here.

I can’t remember any transfer window where we bought more than one top quality player that was a match winner and ready to walk into the first team.

If we sell Ozil and Sanchez, he is going to have to buy at least four top quality players, while getting rid of under performers like Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain, etc.

It should happen but it won’t.

Sell whoever doesn’t want to stay. It would be a sign of pure desperation if Arsenal kept them into their last year of contract and also there wouldn’t be a chance to prevent them from joining another PL team.


Well if you act early to bring in players you can always blag that we’re still negotiating with them :grin:. We had Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud (all pretty well regarded at that point) before we officially lost van Persie.

And even if you’re right, we’ll have the same problem next season. But if you kept Alexis until 26th Aug and bought his official replacement on Aug 29 and he was a good, I’m sure those other players would get over it.

I imagine the Arsenal way would be to lose them very late in the window. I doubt playing with Ozilexis is going to be the single greatest reason a player joins us as long as we’re showing ambition in the market I’m hoping we can be attractive.

Charlie Nicolas and i somewhat agree especially about Sanchez i feel for a good amount of the season he has not been at his best and it is not because of any issue apart from he no longer gives a fuck

“When I played you probably got told a month before you were getting a new contract. You had to work and earn that right and if you got a new contract without winning things you thought, ‘well, this is a result’.

“These people [at Arsenal now] don’t even get close to winning the title. You are talking about jumping from £120,000-a-week to £200,000-a-week for Sanchez. Sell him.

"He has not been interested in the game for the last eight weeks. He is camouflaging it.

“I would sell him. Get him out. If he wants to go to Chelsea and Chelsea want to pay £60million, I would sell him to Chelsea.”

And Nicholas has launched a blistering attack on Gunners chiefs for their handling of Sanchez’s contract situation.

The Scot, who scored 54 goals in 184 matches in his five years at Arsenal, added: “Arsenal had great credit in the footballing market because they would not go over the threshold of £100,000-a-week.

“They sold Robin van Persie to Manchester United because he wanted £200,000-a-week. Arsenal had values at that time. Arsenal don’t have any values and any soul that says to these players,’ you can go’.

“Henry, Vieira, they were the greatest players Arsenal ever had and now you have got players who are not going to be anywhere close to the greatest and we are keeping them and they are holding us to ransom.

"They should have said to Sanchez two months ago, ‘are you signing?’ If he said ‘no, I’m not going to sign’, then he should be sold in the summer. They should isolate the players.

"They don’t have values now. They have lost their credibility.”


He is right. Image if we kept an unhappy player at Arsenal for one more season. It would fucking poison everythinh.

We are miles apart from that great team that once had Vieria and Henry. We wanted to compete in the modern game so much we sold our brilliance to fund the new stadium.

Unfortunately this is the modern landscape that we moved into, you have to compromise and pay over market if you want to build a team worthy of competing. It’s well within our means to satisfy both Alexis and Ozil with bumper contracts and go out in summer and bring in two more world class players on similar wages.

Finances within the club aren’t holding us back unless we let them. It’s time we brought in someone who is able to actually try and build a competitive team in summer instead of sitting on their hands waiting for a bargain to drop.