There’s nothing happening at Wolves is the. Treading water as a club and pretty invisible for a while now.

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Yeah it’s weird because if results go a certain way on Sunday, these could end up 5th from bottom. Not what their fans would have been expecting when the season kicked off in August.

Potentially in very big trouble of falling into the mix.
Spent a fair bit of time this season as a candidate tbh.

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Fulham on 1 red card? Didn’t they had three (including one for the manager) in their game against United?

Cup game



This was coming.
Wolves are getting relegated this season

Why is he leaving? Lack of funding?

Pretty much. Sold all their players and being told he won’t get funds to bring in the players he wants.

Gary O’Neil is the favourite and I can’t help but think that’ll be a disastrous appointment.

Did a brilliant job under similar circumstances with Bournemouth?

They genuinely had no business staying up and and were getting slapped around under Parker.

This club needs to be investigated

Some real dodgy shit going down over there


It feels like we’ve gone through the "Anything he needs he can go to Jorge” stage, proceeded into the "Fuck you pay me” stage, and now we’re getting to the part where Mendes and his crew get ready to bust the joint out.


What’s the investigation going to turn up? We already know that Wolves are nothing more than a parking pad for Uncle Jorge’s clients. No different than Valencia used to be or what Kia probably wanted Arsenal to be.

They’re not really that anymore, are they?
Mendes clearly cut ties with them. He’s more into Villa now and Saudi.

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Was Diego Costa not one of his guys?

Edit: Your post reminded me of that old meme. Friendship with Wolves ended! Villa are Uncle Jorge’s new best friend.

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He isn’t, not sure if he was in the past though. A couple of his clients have left Wolves the past year. There are still some remaining in the club but I expect most of them to be gone within the next year.

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That’s a great analogy :grin:


To play for the most prestigious league in the world. The Saudi Super League.

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