Wolves vs Arsenal (PL) 0-2

Wolves vs Arsenal

:stadium: Molineux Stadium
:calendar: Saturday 2024-04-20T18:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Wolves win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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We go again!!!

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Back to winning ways hopefully. Anything other than a win, and a convincing one at that, will leave a sour taste/bittersweet ending to our season.

3-0 Arsenal

I’m not massively confident after the past 2 games, but gonna go for a win… Hopefully :rambo:

I want a win and i want more pictures of that angry wolves fan from a few years ago.

Before i voted I thought how have Wolves played this season? And then i realised I haven’t a clue.

I mean. I probably have seen them. But i have no recollection of watching Wolves in any match this season.


Title race or not, a win here is important so this season doesn’t just depressingly fade out.


They’ve been turned around by O’Neil who’s made them a more attacking team.
He’s done a great job at Wolves and he might be a manager some of the top clubs will be looking at.

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Same team as Villa for me.


This time we better take our chances.

Not with Jesus leading the line lol.

At this stage, I wonder if Nketiah has any bite to score another hattrick for us? :sweat_smile:

O’Neil better than ‘Teta?


0-0 to The Arsenal.

Why does Molineux feel like it’s going to a the graveyard for our season.

Not confident in the slightest. We’re Arsenal’ing the fuck out of this season.


Lose this and we can mentally check-out for the season.

Arsenal win

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If we can aim for a quick demolition, get players rested for Wednesday.

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no more CL pressure.
play the healthy ones.

The season collapse carries on here!

Same feeling.

I want to be positive but deep down I’d be surprised with a confident, convincing display.

The reaction here feels sooooooo dramatic.

Reality is that we had one bad half of football against Villa, they capitalised and we lost that game. Bayern was always going to be tough - they are no mugs regardless of league form. We had an uphill battle because of two poor goals gifted in the home fixture. We did not play terribly yesterday whilst not playing brilliantly, their goal is very avoidable but we had 3 players ball watching.

I don’t see it as this capitulation or that this season is done - we are better this season than we were last season and we are developing constantly (with the odd bump). We have a thin squad, this is not anything we didn’t already know.

Fans of of almost every PL side barring City are/should be envious of us right now. We have a manager who is here to stay for the next few seasons at least, a strong core of players and we are on an upward trajectory. The Villa loss was disappointing, as was not progressing in the CL but now we face Wolves and whilst it won’t be an easy game after the last 10 or so days, it is one we can definitely win.


Dose are de foggin standards now guyz.

Wolves haven’t won in ages. I’d say 1-0 win to us.