Wolves vs Arsenal (PL) 0-2

Strong save by Ramsdale, that was a tough one to make


wtf odegaard

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Yep, a really weak header, should’ve had a brace now

nothing coming off for jesus

Great play Jesus

Martinelli walking and jogging on the pitch and Arteta ignores it

I’m liking how even when he’s going through a goal drought, Jesus is still looking to help his teammates out instead of being selfish to end his drought

Who played that pass? White?

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Yeah White

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I can’t wrap my head around hearing Totti every few minutes and then realising it’s a Wolves CB named Toti


And Southgate was sleeping on White

jesus is absolutely fine, still key in our attack and we proved last season we don’t need 30 goals from the CF. We hardly even got 10 across all 3 of them lol.

Was gonna say this in the first half but thought i’d be the only one lol

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Just read that his name is actually Tote Antonio Gomes

What genius thought they’d take the Tote and change it a near identical spelling of Totti lol

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Forgot about Podence

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Is it just me or is White having a bit of a mare

First half yea. Been much better second half