Wojciech Szczesny

He’s one of the highest paid players at Juventus and it is genuinely baffling how he’s managed to negotiate such high wages.

He’s a solid shot stopper still. Definitely has his brain farts but all in all he’ll be a good pick up for anyone.

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Yeah. Not surprised it fell through though. He is on too much money. He’d need to be a really good no1 for the money he wants - £200,000 a week. Think we gave Ramsdale £120,000 a week before we dumped him. No idea how Raya’s salary works with him being on loan, but he won’t be getting that much.

I love Woj. But he is getting on now, and I think we are ok with average Raya when we have an amazing defence in front of him.

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Can’t hate him for wanting his bag.

But I would love him back