Wojciech Szczesny


I just dont see him coming back here if wenger is still here i dont think he would want to neither his dad, if wenger goes though it might happen.



Unbelievable save!


Great decision there to come out and quick too. He has clearly improved over the past couple of years and should come back to replace an obvious declining Cech. I just get the feeling Wenger wont bring him back.


Brave goalkeeping, that. I like how everyone is slowly coming way to the right way of thinking, that Szczesny is our best goalkeeping option right now. He is playing like a prime Buffon while we’re alternating between two buffoons!


Only watched two Roma games (can’t stand the Seria A right now) and he has been pretty solid. I have my doubts about him (and damn right we all should have), but considering a manager change I think coming back would be a lift to both him and our shambles of a defence. Ospina should leave, to good to be benched and honestly not suited for the Prem. Cech I don’t know. He’s the better keeper, but if he can’t get his shit together by the end of the season I think he’s done.


He has all the attributes to be a great keeper if he has sorted out his concentration issues, He’s a proper gooner and a fucking great character (when things are going well anyway) the smoking in the showers after his horror show at Southampton is definately something he would need to address (and more the performance than the smoking, if he wants to smoke after a great game then that’s fine with me)

I’d also consider signing kasper shmichel too but not 100% what I’d prefer, I think woj at his best is better but maybe shmichel is a bit more consistent


If he comes back it should be as the No.1 keeper and I haven’t watched him enough to be convinced either way .
Cech is on the wane but we might be able to get rid of him end season ,as Im sure there would be somebody to take him on .
The we keep Ospina at number 2 !


Agreed. There’s a fucking smoking ban and he should have gone outside like everyone else has to.


Create a smoking area at the training ground for him and Wilshere next season :slight_smile:


Jack doesnt train.



Woj is a good player but I just don’t trust him. I want more intelligent, more quality players here. Go for Leno or Lafont please.


Neither keeper is better than Woj is.


Pickford seems a decent shout.

Feels like Woj’s time has passed but wouldn’t mind having him back, spending time in Serie A would’ve only improved him.


But that’s the thing. We did the whole Szczesny thing. Whilst it was not bad, it wasn’t particulary convincing either.


I think Woj deserves a second chance. Ospina should look for a move. As much as I like him, he deserves first team action and I don’t think he will get it here. Personally, I want to keep Cech because it’s a good thing to have some experience in the team and also for Woj’s development. He could play a similar role like Weidenfeller for Dortmund. Emi Martinez deserves a chance too, but I think he should go out on loan again.


Sell Ospina, bring Szczesny back to play in Europe and other cup games and let Cech see out his deal and move whilst seeing if Woj is up to it?


This Szez is more of a confidence keeper and has generally improved once he has had a consistent run in the side. Don’t think having 2 keepers for different competitions helps anyone.


Or, just hear me out on this, we could sell Ospina and Scz and go out and buy a talented keeper while keeping, Cech - a stable old head - as backup.

I also absolutely hate the idea of not playing our number one in our important cup games.


I think the whole concept of a cup keeper is stupid. Rigidly playing your second choice no matter what the situation is or who the opposition is is ridiculous and it definitely shouldn’t be done in Europe.