With all the in fighting going on, lets start a best of Arsenal fights


Fight Fight Fight… can be internal scraps or against other teams…

heres a good one, at least we showed some spirit…KOLO…

man U should feature quite a bit



For anyone old enough, Paul Davis punching a Southampton player, then getting a nine match ban.
Not so much a fight but a revenge attack on a dirty player.


Adeybayor against Bendtner… V the scum i think…
cant find a vid…


That some punch from Davis
Glen Cockerill didn’t see that coming


Brady vs Trion.

Oh wait, we’re not on about worst Arsenal fights :kosc:


You can’t beat a good ol’dust up on the pitch .
The one we had against Norwich was a real good mass brawl .
If my aging memory remembers didn’t we get docked 2 points and still go on to win the league ?
Nelson Vivas like the odd punch every know and again.



we got docked for the Man u brawl… you can stick your fucking 2pts up your arse!


I think it’s rather obvious:




That’s the one SLAG
Happy days there .
Great to see Rocky Rocastle there .
April 1st BT Sport , tribute to Rocky and Wrighty .


A thing of awe-inspiring beauty.


No doubt, though he’s not a thing, FFS, he’s a human being with feelings and emotions and thoughts. God, the objectification of beautiful men like Diaby has got to stop.


I meant the impact, of course. But it is yet another incident that goes to show how bad refereeing in this country really is. Should have been a straight red, he risks serious injury to a player who has had so many bad injuries already. :worried:


Now that we can agree on. Terry the (actually) racist cunt.


Vassiriki Abou has form for messing with the worst of players. :henry:

Shame about what followed though. Tiote. :santi:





Fucking hell what a player diaby could have been


Absolutely .