Wilshere, Özil, Cazorla in the same midfield


Why don’t we try it? I know Wilshere is injured a lot but we play our best football with these 3 players and we will score more goals too as long as we play Pace like Theo, Alexis, Welbeck as our attackers. We don’t need a defensive Player in midfield with Koscielny in form, he can carry the defence. We have a much better chance of winning the title this way as defenders we face are slow ans we can blow them away with speed like Leicester did when they won the title with fast players like Mahrez and Vardy. We have a quality bench if things don’t go right like Ox, Iwobi can change a game with their speed and dribbling and Giroud although he is slow he has good link up with others and can score headers if the chance we get a set piece. For me Coquelin, El Nenny, Ramsey aren’t needed in this team, too defensive, slow, and poor to watch, they would be OK backup players


What I would like is Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Wilshere, Cazorla, Theo, Özil, Alexis, Welbeck as the starting XI. We shouldn’t have any slow players starting for us unless they offer something quality that makes their speed irrelevant. Giroud only offers headers and some decent passes while Welbeck can do that and run, is fast so it wouldn’t be worth while starting Giroud over Danny


In an ideal world with players not injured and in form, I would agree with you. Our tactics though would probably mean there are holes all over the place. Wenger has a rigid plan and he sticks with it, sometimes it works, other times it goes horribly wrong.


Its not FIFA that lineup wouldn’t work.


We’d get ripped apart everytime we lose the ball high up the pitch, and the back 4 will be completely exposed with opposition runners bearing down on the defence.

Completely impracticable imho.

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Yeah, but only at home to unlock teams who park the bus.


I think Xhaka is going to be more influential against teams that park the bus than Jack.


Wilshere is out for the season. Every season.



Of course we need a defensive midfield player. We cant play with so many attacking players and leave the defence exposed

If we lost the ball high up the pitch, which we often do, one ball over the top and we would be totally screwed


100% correct!

We tried that -pre-Coq (not those players obviously) and we basically had zero cohesion in the middle and we were all crying out for a proper DM enforcer.

I have no desire to go back to that again…


I understand we would be defensively poor with this lineup but im thinking v teams that park the bus and dont attack at all, we would need more pace to confuse defenders and make space for Özil to make a pass to. We have played with average players like Ramsey, Coquelin, Giroud for too long I’d liketo see a change in style as Özil is at his best in fast attacking football


We just signed a very good midfielder for 34M in Xhaka and you don’t want to play him? Lol ok then… You have Walcott in the starting 11 as well which is even more ridiculous


If they are the 3 attacking midfield, we really need some good steel to play behind them.
Coq, Xhaka, or even Elneny.
Don’t put Ramsey or Ox behind them.


I’m trying to figure out how that is different from what we actually do?


Our best line up includes all three if you count right and left midfield as part of the midfield.

As a central trio it’s too attacking. It’s what we would resort to if we desperately needed to break an all out defensive team down.

Generally though,

Xhaka-Cazorla | Wilshere-Özil-Alexis | Giroud

And honestly, considering the way we try to play against the kind of opposition approach we always face, that just isn’t good enough. On top of that, Wilshere is never available.


That’s only because we’re so poor in the final third that we either lose the ball or have to play backwards and sideways and we invite the pressure due to lack of a quality CF.
Remove the DM’s and we’ll be completely overrun as we were when that has-been Flamini would fuck off to god knows where and leave an open midfield The difference being we’d go back to that. we’re not there now because of the better cover in midfield. that should all finally stop with better options upfront…IF we ever get better options upfront.


Walcott is one of our best players in form his pace is dangerous for any defender to handle, even Alaba once said he’s one of the most dangerous players he played against. He was amazing last season until he got injured, v Leicester, Bayern, United, all big games which we won with him starting and playing well


That shit aint gonna fly around here. Walcott is pants. The guy literally needs 20 yards of space to do anything of note. He even struggles controlling the ball.


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we aren’t playing to Walcott’s strengths then as running in behind defences is what he does best