Will you watch the rest of the season?


Didn’t want to have to bring this thread back, but 2017 so far has been utterly attritious. 4 defeats in the last 5 games, no win in the League since mid February, title chances long gone. Top 4 in real danger for once. Seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel.

We still got the FA Cup, but other than that, it’s so painful watching us and the toxic atmosphere around Arsenal right now, there really feels little point putting up with this for the rest of the season, unless Wenger comes out with news about his future soon as possible.

  • Yes - I’ll carry on with all the games, no matter what
  • Yes - Only if Wenger announces he’s stepping down, watch his final games
  • No - What’s the bloody point?
  • Will watch the FA Cup games, but that’s about it

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Arsenal on the weekend is part of me. Plus I can’t miss a minute of this carcrash :joy:


Only the F.A. Cup.


Hah, biggest lie of the year right here. Are the OA awards coming up again anytime soon?


I know we all like a grumble, but if your answer is anything other than the first one then you need to give your head a shake :laughing:


Running away when the going gets tough? Yeah that’s the spirit.


If it’s convenient basically. Haven’t gone out of my way to watch since November or so.

Edit: apart from when i left my own country and spent a couple of hundred quid last week to go to a game. :joy:


Well, if it works for Alexis… :wink:


All we have to cheer for is Man U not finish in the top four, because we aren’t going to be above them, or spurs.
It will be interesting to see how our players react when he does decide to leave, that’s if they don’t already know.


Alexis is allowed to run, he isn’t a life-long Arsenal fan.


No theres better things to do. Will use catch up or highlights at times.
Started today by watching 6 nations instead of todays game. Top 4 does not interest me at all.


I will always watch


Yes, but I’ve stopped making it a priority. For example I watched the first 30 minutes of the match today and then took the wife to see beauty and the beast. That shits not happening in November.


I will put myself through the pain and awful football cause I love Arsenal so I can’t stop watching. Just after every defeat I’m just not hurting as much as I should, I’m just meh about it all. The sad thing is I can see more defeats on the horizon coming our way.


I’ll re-watch replays of invincibles each weekend instead; and will try to correlate opponent if possible.


Will watch because it’s what I do, but just with little emotion and no expectation which in all honesty has been the case for a couple of months now.


I don’t think I’ve bothered to watch a full 90 since January. I’ll watch all of the cup semi but I’ve got so many other things i need to do in the next 4 weekends that i probably won’t bother watching the rest.

I’d use football as an excuse to not do work. Now I’ve got to do work to stop me watching football.


After Spurs take the lead absolutely not. I am done with football until next season. Bye bye.


As @PPB already said, there is absolutely zero chance of you keeping away from Football, no matter what you keep saying.


I meant i am not gonna follow Arsenal again this season.