Will we sign anyone else?

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  • No

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It looks as if we are finally signing a striker and a centre back, Perez and Mustafi

but do you think we will sign anyone else with just under a week left of the window?

btw this is my first thread on the new OA :slight_smile:

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No chance. The squad is effectively finished now. We have enough players in every position of decent enough quality.

Only if a real surprise becomes available last minute would there be any need for Wenger to buy someone else and I can see this being how it is for the next couple of years tbh. Now he might have the excuse of only needing super quality.

I’ll give Perez and Mustafi the benefit of the doubt, but I’d still like to see a quality wide player brought in.

I reckon that we won’t but it would be amazing if we could pull of another Ozil or Sanchez type deal late into the window

Yes, we will Sign James Rodriguez and sell Walcott…and now I am awake! In all seriousness, i think we have done all our signings but keep getting a niggling feeling that we might have a surprise but I am only 50/50 on it.

So you think it either will happen or it won’t? Definitely one of those two. :stuck_out_tongue:

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At this stage I think selling Walcott would actually show more intent and that we mean business than bringing in someone new :wink:


lol, I just don’t know what to think…because after Perez and Mustafi I find it hard to see Wenger going after anyone else, but at the same time I have a gut feeling (probably a real big fart or something) that there is going to be a surprise. Some ITK said that there will be some surprises especially outgoing some time earlier (probably not true) but if this is the case I can’t see there being an outgoing player that is surprising unless of course, we have covered that base.

If somebody like Benzema became randomly available for £60m, I think Wenger might go for broke and just do it.

But unless an exceptional CF becomes available, we’re done.

What would be ideal is a win tomorrow against Watford to get our first 3 points of the season, then sign a world class player before the window ends which will give the whole squad a massive boost and then push on our season from there after the international break.

This is dream world though

I genuinely think/hope that we will bring in one more big addition, perhaps at the cost of one of our big first team names. It’s truly disappointing we forwent a transfer window last summer so that we couldn’t bring in even one world class name this summer.

Which I would take as long as it’s anybody other than Ozil or Alexis. I do think it might be Alexis though.

What about a decent Winger, though…someone like James can play anywhere in attack and plays on the wing a lot to get Walcott the fuck out of this club. If Rodriguez becomes available I would gladly take him over any of ox/Walcott etc.

I expect everyone is bang tired from the Mustafi deal…is that done yet?

I want Aubameyang.

Wenger you get him, I switch to AKB immediately.

If Walcott is replaced by Rodriguez, maybe Wenger still has it the old dog.

I am hoping for a right winger.

What about when he gets shoved out to the wing to keep Giroud in his place? :wenger2:

Perez/Giroud - Sanchez - Ozil - Auba - Xhaka/Coq - Santi - Nacho - Kos - Mustafi - Bellerin - Cech
Perez/Giroud to start doesn’t matter.
I believe we can post a real title challenge.

Right now, still a missing piece

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That would be an awesome line up, but dunno if it will happen. (if Perez turns it on apparently he is a tireless worker and scores some decent goals) i reckon that would put us at least at GENUINE contenders for the title instead of being called ‘contenders’.

Thinking about it, I suppose if any genuine world class talent became available then he would go for it.

He’s only going to open up the wallet for a superstar now. Can’t feasibly see a big name moving this late in the window but you never know.