Will we finish in the top half?

The top 4 thread isn’t realistic anymore

We need a new one with a scenario more likely for us

  • Yes
  • No

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We’re getting fucking relegated.

I fucking hate us.

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People still losing their shit over 2 defeats, one of which we got completely screwed over.
Apart from City, all sides have been inconsistent as fuck. Gotta look around lads, the competition isn’t much better than us.

I’ll say we’ll scrape a 9th placed finish, I’m
Tipping a 2-1 win vs Leeds which we’ll likely need for top half though.

Well it is better because we are sitting 11th after 23 games which is a few more games than most of the teams directly above us also.

I’d say 8th and add that it’ll still be pathetic given the performance of the other teams and our initial expectations.

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Imo 11th. We’re not playing or acting like a team that finishes top half right now.

Combine that with the referees screwing us…

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This is a banter thread chill lol

Real talk though, it depends on what happens in the Europa League.

I can see us crashing and burning if we get knocked out by Benfica.

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I’m not very confident we’ll make the top half. Need to start by beating Leeds well tomorrow for me to start to think it’s possible

This is the worst Arsenal team I’ve seen since we had a very poor spell in the 70’s.

Worse even than the final George Graham season- the midfield was poor that year but the goalie, defence and Ian Wright all still great players plus an up and coming Ray Parlour.

Possibly the team that got Terry Neil the sack also rivals it.

When I watch teams like Burnley Southampton and Palace they look pretty much as good as us these days.


YEs but barely

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I predicted a mid table finish if we kept Arteta and, if that is just above or just below mid table, it depends on if we can beat the teams around us.
So if we can’t beat Leeds, after failing miserably against Wolves and Aston Villa, then that will go some way to showing us that bottom half is realistic.

Finishing bottom half is bad enough but talking about it, just over half way through the season, just shows how far we have fallen and how low the expectation levels from supporters are.

Kroenke must be laughing all the way to the bank
He wanted low expectation levels from supporters and that’s exactly what he’s got.

We’ve gone from wanting to challenge for the title, to accepting a mid table finish, in only a few seasons so I congratulate him on his achievement.


Just to illustrate how far we have fallen I’ve just seen the odds for the game against Man City.

We are at home and we’re 11/2 to win.
I have never seen such long odds for us at home, regardless of who we were playing.


Trouble is I still don’t fancy a bet on us to win at those mouth watering odds.

I think Wenger left a terrible squad (apart from Auba) at a really big cost. Then Raul spent hugely and appointed managers/coaches to even worse effect. Arteta and his bargain basement coaches have not done it. No wonder Freddie wanted out from this mess.

This double hammer blow in quick succession means we’re now shitter than ever given we have one of the biggest incomes in world football.

Worst thing is that a few of us could see this coming for years and years now and I just wish we’d been proven embarrassingly wrong. The cancer at the very top of the club still needs removing.



We’ll probably be right with our favourable run home on paper.

Yeah, pretty easy run. We’re probably gonna finish higher than last season but it won’t matter much. Too late for a Top 4 run so who cares.

Gotta focus on EL.

Who cares, we’re back in Europe baby


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Let’s fucking go!!!

Imagine if we finish bottom half and don’t even get to the EL final, yet still qualify for Europe.
That’s just embarrassing.

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