Will we finish in the top 4?

Yeah I wish that cunt Kane was still out, I’d feel a lot better about our chances of an upset.

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Kane coming back into the team might have a disruptive effect and stifle Son a bit, there’s always that. I mean, he scored but they did lose their first game back with him

it is really a upset we’ve beaten them a few times over the seasons, only away where we’ve struggled to Spurs. We can beat them, plenty of weaker teams have done them over this season. It wouldn’t be considering a upset. We’re Arsenal football club.

Spurs and Utd games, if we don’t get beat in those. Win the rest of our games. We should be able to get top 4. Wolves and Watford away games worry me the most but with our squad we should be able to beat them. Utd and Chelsea have tough fixtures in their run in. It really does depend on us not been beaten in the Spurs and Utd games really.

Yeah I think it’s an upset as we haven’t beaten Spurs away since 13/14 with the Rosicky wonder goal in the league ? Think we’ve lost all but one meeting also which was a draw in 15/16.

Bet he gets another penalty again :xhaka:

A few teams have beaten them at Wembley this season. Our away record to them has been bad but records need to be broken and our team is more then capable to beat them. Time will tell.

The pressure is more on spurs than us to win, and after seeing Pochettino getting rattled in recent games we could get something out of the game against them.

As for getting a top four place, I still don’t think we will, but we have a better chance with Emery because the way he adapts to different opposition teams and situations, is a lot better than the non existence preparation we had in previous seasons.

With players coming back from injury, and the fact we have been on a long unbeaten run already this season, we know we are capable of doing it, so maybe we can do it again.

If he did manage to get a top four place, Emery definitely would deserve at least another season or more, to get the players he needs to see us actually challenge for the PL and even the CL.


Well, beating them would mean being in the driving seat for the 4th spot.

I think this team is more than capable of winning most of the remaining matches. The only question is whether Emery can get the guys all rowing in the same direction. Yes, we’re capable of dropping a random 4-1 to Everton or Watford but all teams come unglued at some point during the season. It would be such a ridiculous plot twist to have Ozil restored to the squad and push on to 4th.



Those away games are tough, even if they’re not ‘top 6 quality’.

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I feel we have a real chance. I voted yes, as I think it’s very realistic, but I’m never certain about anything these days with Arsenal. Hopefully we go on another good run. Away games are never easy. This league can be unpredictable. I hope things fall our way. It would be nice to be back in the CL. That said, I’d still take the EL trophy over a top 4. Same result of being in the CL and maybe a bit of a boost getting that trophy, especially after last season.

Bottom line, we need to get back into the CL to attract the talent we need. At least it would definitely help.


The good thing is that we will be in the mix until the end. That’s already an improvement compared with last season.


Can’t see us finishing in top four, Man U game against Liverpool showed they have more desire. Could be 5th without having to qualify for Europa.

We have the ‘easier’ run but in this league there really isn’t any easy games anymore. Even Huddersfield gave us a tough time.

It’s almost impossible to predict as United are on form but anything can happen. They have picked up a few injuries that may hinder them.

Tbh I hate looking at remaining fixture comparisons because you look at certain games thinking ‘yeah we should win that’, but on the day the opposition turn up and treat it like a CL final and we end up drawing or losing.

I just want us to take it one game at a time and give everything we have. 4th place is in sight and very attainable if we apply ourselves properly.


I know it’s unlikely, but it’ll be good if Spurs get dragged back into the race for top 4, opening up another place.

As it stands though, I think we’ll fall short. Can see us drawing with Spurs and losing to Man United, with a couple more defeats to teams we really should be beating.


Funnily enough I think we can get a result against the scum. They just crumbled against relegation fodder and we always up it a bit for the derby.

As usual we will collectively fold against United. We are just perennial bottlers against them. Even at their worst we couldn’t beat them in the prem.

Every other fixture is for the taking. Mind you, Watford, Everton, Wolves are all no pushovers and they have gotten results against other Top 6 clubs.

COYG make that top 4 spot and this season has been a success.


It’s not the League that’s harder. Top three-ish teams dispatch teams easily. This is a consequence of our new postion. As a subtopclub you’re going to be a fickle team. That is inherent to that.


Indeed. Manure are far more dangerous.


I think we’ll lose to the scum but for some reason I’m not all that concerned about United at home especially after all the injuries they’ve sustained recently. We failed away to Bate, so yeh our away form is pretty shocking. As I’ve been saying it will be a minor miracle if Emery can navigate us to 75 points.