Will we finish in the top 4? (Fuck Out!)

Agreed, that’s a fair assessment.

If even 25% of our losses were draws instead, we’d have top 4 locked-in by now.


Yep. I think if we lost around 6-7 games and bad 5-6 more draws we’d probably be in solid 3rd position right now.

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Only game I’m going to watch today is West Ham v City. Small chance of an upset there.

Spurs will win against Burnley so just have to accept that we are 2 points behind and have to win at Newcastle tomorrow.

It’ll be those three games against Palace, Southampton and Brighton which cost us.

Because only City and Liverpool have won more games than us.


Spuds gifted 2 points today…

I still feel like tomorrow isn’t the game that’s going to cost us long term (if we lose it)

That Southampton game away, the performance and the result, straight after Spurs had lost at home to Brighton seems the most telling.

If a result like that doesn’t give you inspiration going into a game, I don’t know what will.


If we had won that Southampton game, there is no guarantee we would have won Chelsea, United & West Ham consecutively

Tomorrow we will see from what cloth Arteta and this team are cut. The Unai mold or the clutching at the last strand of rope 4th Place Trophy Wenger one.

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Newcastle away always felt like score draw territory. It’s that Southampton game which I still think about. Should have been three points.

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End of season, nothing to play for for Newcastle and Everton (if today’s result work out). There is no reason why both games shouldn’t be won comfortably.


as i said the powers that be will want all the drama for the last day…what is the betting that mancity will somehow lose this game vs west ham so the final game day it is all the drama of who wins the title and also who wins the last spot for the CL. It is the same every freaking season pretty much. Everyone checking their phone who is gonna be the last team relegated, who is getting top 4, who is gonna win the league by 1 point.

Something tells me that we will not get the top 4 we will miss it by the smallest of margins because there is an agenda against us they dont want us doing well and it will scupper our plans but media darling spuds well you know gotta keep them on the gravy train. It will set us back really badly and we will be ‘aawwww tough luck’ but spuds ‘fighting warriors got what they deserved they were fantastic this season.’

Might be wrong but i feel we are being set up to have the ‘harshest of dissapointments’

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Honestly if we don’t do it picking at one game as the reason why is just nonsense. These things are an accumulation over 38 games and one result doesn’t define anything. We had opportunities, so did spurs, so did united, so did West Ham. It’s about who took the most of them, not who missed out on one.


I get that but it’s human nature to look for obvious turning points and wonder if things could be different.


It’ll be that three game losing streak which will come back to haunt us.


It’s in our hands.

Are our hands firm yet supple, gentle but strong, the kind of hands that are mildly calloused from many years of honest, hard labour. Trusting hands. Hands that exude wisdom and calm.

Or are they horrible, shrivelled hands. Quivering and uneasy. Shifty and suspicious. Slimy and clammy like Curly and his glove full of vaseline. Bastard hands that will stab you in the back.



Why do they want this?

Unacceptable run regardless of what happens


I love the energy but in what world are Spurs (a club with no tangible recent or historical success, a relatively small global fanbase compared to other London clubs and only two recognizable stars) a media darling?


Plus Arsenal are better global rating draw, it benefits the PL as a brand to have us playing well and in the CL compared to Spurs

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The one we live in seemingly.

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