Wilfrid Ndidi


The Premier League is dominated by foreign born and educated footballers.


And i disagree. He’s good but he by no means shits all over Ndidi. He’s had an excellent season in Italy at Sampdoria at DM and so has Ndidi at Leicester - clubs which are similar.

Lets no get carried away here. Im not knocking Torreria he is a classy player and looks like good buy especially for 20 mil but he’s not Viera or Kante or Keane yet is he? He might well be in the future but so might the young boy they call “the next kante”.

We missed out not signing Kante and look at the season he had with Chelsea. All the comments about “worth two men” and “he made the difference” and truth is we have not had a player like that in years. And I believe you need one like Dier at Spurs, Matic at Man U, Fernandinho at City and so do the other Managers at the clubs above us. Hell Jose took his with him when he changed clubs!!

And you look at the stats about tackles made, interceptions and defensive actions this season and up there up top in fact is this boy along with the others named above.




Google the boy with tackles and defensive actions and top defensive midfielder or whatever and there is so so much…

And to be frank hes been on people’s minds for a few months and as i said it suprised me no one came in with a little more as there was strong links with both us and Liverpool (two teams in top 6 with no one like this).

And to be frank there were a few who did not even heard about LT at Sampdoria and others knew him from FM only. I’ll admit I did know him but by no means was an expert as I said in his thread. And I’ll again say as hes is just a young un like Ndidi and at 20 mil (Leicester paid 17) he is a cheaper option and definitly looks like hes got tekkers l would be happy. But to those of us Arsenal fans, TV pundits, keyboard warriors and all who have been watching for seasons past and present - this has been a cry for, a shout out, a plea and glost to non fans… We need/dont have a top class holding defensive midfielder and have not since Gilberto (remember what we did with him?)

So yeah after this season I really rate him and so should anyone. This type of player in my and many top managers is paramount and when one so young comes along rippin up in this position at such a young age a la Kante or Fernandinho or Matic this season in EPL you have to be impressed…

And “Lucas shits on him without lifting a boot…”

Absolutly not.


Yeah I think Ndidi’s agent has signed up to OA :stuck_out_tongue:


This is worse than that time AC fell in love with a different Wilfried…


There’s more to being a top DM than winning tackles and interceptions, otherwise Schneiderlin and Coquelin, who both had better tackles/interceptions than Ndidi, would be top DMs. Instead both were not being good enough and shipped out.

Ndidi isn’t a good enough passer or technically good enough footballer for a top club. Running around and getting stuck in isn’t enough for a top club. He’s nowhere near Kante’s ability on the ball. Also looking at his stats he gets dribbled past on average 2.2 times a game so he’s also not great defensively.

Comparing the difference between Torreira and Ndidi on the ball is a night and day comparison.


Schnederlin and Le Coq were not even close to this guy in interceptions and tackles made this season…

Plus anyone who has watched the guy knows he can pass and again there is plenty of evidence of this as well. He controls the game quite well at Leicester and has a the ability to turn defence into attack with some crisp passing. He’s not Pirlo I grant you and as mentioned in the articles he lacks the ability to ping long passes that well but he does attack, passes neatly and smoothly and creates opportunities and any foxes fan will verify this…

I’m also well aware that DM need to be more than just tacklers and interceptors so I had the above mentioned in mind all the time. He is regarded as well as better in attack by many than Kante was anyway - have a look at this one here

and what he does for Leicester:

and some others:

https://www.si.com/soccer/2018/02/25/next-ngolo-comparing-leicester-citys-wilfred-ndidi-past-star-wilfried - comparison against Kante

https://soccersouls.com/2018/04/04/granit-xhaka-vs-wilfred-ndidi-stats-show-that-arsenal-should-go-for-the-leicester-ace/ - Arsenal view point

http://www.pulse.ng/sports/football/ndidi-has-more-successful-tackles-in-europe-s-top-5-leagues-id7826424.html - Vs Pogba and in Europe

http://www.itsroundanditswhite.co.uk/articles/wilfried-ndidi-more-than-just-the-next-ngolo-kante - the shield we need in a 4-2-3-1

In the meantime ill look forward to the LT transfer if it happens but I wont accept there is a such a gap ahead of this bloke technically or in any other area…and ill stand my ground and argue my case with quite a bit of evidence to back me.

Both appear to be little gems in the making so sorry if I sound like an agent. I just thought rather than jump in with black and white opinions as to why we might want to sign someone, a bit of depth as to why he might be good (away from the usual YouTube vids and FM data) might be good - especially as I started the thread.

Player like this could let the Ozil, Ramsey, Granit, Mik do there thing they do so well and fits Unai’s 4-2-3-1 like Puyel at LCFC and would give spine to stop the sloppy goals - though I said this above so wont repeat myself!!

However I can see suggesting any alternative to LT currently might be bordering on blasphemy with the hype train choo-choo-chooing at the moment… and its nice to see people exited again so all aboard!!

So I’ll bide my time and when the time is right - pop this thread back into the forefront. I don’t doubt that this lad if he carries on will end up at a massive club for a whopping fee…


In their prime both Schneiderlin and Coquelin outperformed Ndidi for tackles/interceptions and they weren’t good enough. Now Schneiderlin is past his best and Coquelin is inactive but at their best they were better than Ndidi is now and still not good enough.

Actually Ndidi makes very little interceptions, 1.5 per game, both Schneiderlin and Coquelin were by far outperforming him on that metric at their best. Kante was averaging 4.2 interceptions in comparison.

And no Ndidi is not a good passer, he’s actually abysmal. All short passes and he still often passes to the opposition or puts a teamate under pressure so they lose the ball because of his complete lack of awareness. Definitely a much worse passer than Coquelin and Schneiderlin and it isn’t close. Those 2 had long passing range, Ndidi does not

And only on icy day in hell does Ndidi approach Kante’s playmaking and overall play.

Here’s a versus clip v Stoke. He scores a goal but his passing is pretty bad. Just look how many times he passes to the opposition or he passes to a player under pressure that loses the ball.

No top 6 team can afford to have a player that bad on the ball in their starting line ups.


What do you base this on?

The articles above already dismiss this opinion - ill post again below but what are you basing this on? I’ve shown you quite a lot of articles and opinions backed up with stats that show my side point of view and but nothing other than your opinion back. If he is so poor as you say where are the articles saying this as opposed to the multitude singing his praises?

I can go down the youtube route if I want as well mate - ans that clip is fine to show mate - he played very well in that game. In the return match later that year he won man of the match:


as he did when he played against Pogba and Man U

"Despite a Leicester City 3-0 loss to Manchester United in a league game last season, he was still voted Man of the Match of the game by BBC. While reviewing the game, respected pundit Gary Neville also praised the performance of the Nigerian midfielder and pointed out that he neutralised the threat of Paul Pogba.
”I can’t fault his (Ndidi) performance, he was very big in the game. He made Pogba a passenger in the middle,” Neville said. “The boy is good in tackles and he is not afraid of running with the ball either. He got Pogba booked and was fouled severally, that said I can’t remember when he fouled any opponent. He did well despite how poor his team were on the day.” Just this week, the Super Eagles midfield enforcer was ranked among the top 100 most valuable players in Europe by statisticians at the CIES Football Observatory.
Ndidi whose market value was estimated at €77.4 million is number 51 on the list and just one of four African players in it. He was once linked with a move to Manchester United which he had to shut down himself but it’s a matter of time before a big club comes calling. http://www.pulse.ng/sports/football/ndidi-among-most-valuable-in-europe-id7820064.html

And from the same article I posted:

Then came Ndidi with his great engine, covering everywhere in midfield to help in Leicester City’s recovery in the Premier League. In addition to the number of his tackles won, **Ndidi has made 29 interceptions more than Sergio Busquet who has 25. He is also not far off in comparison to world-class midfielders like N’Golo Kante (36) and Fernandinho (34). In attack, Ndidi also offers much, making a total of 21 shots outside the area more than Kante, Fernandinho and Busquet. He also trumps them in a number of clearances and blocks. He has created eight chances this season in the league, the same as Busquet but more than the likes of Kante and Fernandinho. Wilfred Ndidi is well rated when compared to world class midfielders (Squawka )**
_He has three assists, same as Fernandino and more than Busquet (2) and Kante (0)._

It must be an Icy day in hell then…


Arguing over Ndidi is peak OA haha


He really isn’t a bad shout… he won’t even be 22 until December. Personally, I think I’d rather go with more proven “talent” with more offensive upside and I see Torreira having that little bit of magic like Santi. Ndidi is a good example of one of those players who looks on the cusp of being plucked by a big team after next year OR falling back to earth and settling into a solid Everton-like player - I don’t know which way he will go but I feel Torreira is destined to be an influence (to be fair, this is based on minimal direct observation and only moderate research).


The fact you think him passing to the opposition and marked players over and over with no long passes means ‘he played’ well’ says everything about your analysis.

The article is load of bollox too. His interceptions per game is way below average so totals are misleading. Those stats don’t account for the fact Ndidi is a donkey who can’t pass to save his life.

How about we compare his passing stats to Busquets, eh? 76% completion is shocking for a midfielder and more shocking is the fact many of those 76% see the opposition turn the ball over because he’s brain dead an passes to teamates who are already marked.

FFS you’re bragging about him having ‘shots’, what his this goto do with his ability to pass and move? His shot accuracy is 26%, which means his shooting is poor too.

Ndidi is shite mate, complete absolute shite, you need to stop.


Not arguing with you, but comparing someone at Everton at 21 to Busquets (not saying you did) is silly… he doesn’t have same quality teammates, system, and Busquets is arguably the best at his role/position in the world.


And I think you response says it all really bud… nothing concrete just vitrol.

I’d leave it. I’m sure there are others who will have a gander and get what I mean and if not wont resort to those sort of replies.


I was actually trying to help your point - and I am not a huge fan of throwing around stats, especially for CM b/c they are massively impacted by team, type of play, style, pressing, etc. and are often “rare event” stats, which are notoriously hard to analyze.


Going from Torreira to Ndidi is like swapping a BMW with a FIAT.


No sorry bro I was going to click like and was aware of that (got caught on the phone). Yep do understand especially when he plays for LCFC and there are playing direct counter attacking footie looking for Vardy and Mahrez, as opposed to say City with tikki takka and possession as all those short quick passes bump up pass completion.

I meant that it might be fruitless discussing the issue unless you want to be sworn at and told what to do…:giroud3:


And both brands make decent cars…!!

My point was more about saying one footballer is a BMW M3 and the other a Ferrari 458. There not. They both are 2 of the hottest DM youngsters in there respective leagues at the moment. And I like both and would be happy with either (though Ndidi would almost certainly cost a bit more) or both even. And with Granit, Elneny and Ozil and all the other attackers - it would be a good shout to have a this type of player to free them up…



why are we going on about him, he has not even been mentioned and it is highly unlikely that is he coming here, it is like us having a debate about who would fit arsenal better messi or ronaldo its utterly pointless.


Jonboy made the Busquets comparison not myself based on him being impressed with Ndidi booting the ball sky high above the cross bar far more often than Busquets manages. But at 21 Busquets was already a world class DM winning the CL. Didn’t manage as many sky rockets as Ndidi though.

It might have actually have been jonboy’s expert article making that comparison and not the lad himself.

Passing accuracy and shot accuracy are viotrol? The fact I pointed out it is faulty logic to claim someone with low interceptions per game is good at intercepting is viotrol?


Seeing as this thread isn’t planning on dying a fast death, could someone correct the spelling of his name?

It’s Wilfred. Not Wilfrid.