Wilfrid Ndidi


I have spoken about needing a destroyer in our midfield and have spoken about Nzonzi and Doucoure but here is another option. Hes won more tackles and has the most defensive actions in the EPL. He fast, big and strong and passes forward!! Hes also proved himself in the EPL and done superb job filling Kante shoes. He also young and we have been linked to him several times. This is the sort of player i really want.


Not having a go at all, but threads in this part of the forum generally have some sort of rumour/report included.


Yeah otherwise your just talking about a player you like haha


Sorry - there were loads I could have added. Shall i pop a few in?


I hope that wasn’t you leading with your strongest source.

No but seriously, it’s not a big deal at all. All I meant was that this part of the forum is for players we’ve been linked to, without a report included your post basically came across as you just talking about a player you rate and would quite like to sign.


No my bad. Just been a while since I did one. There was all sorts of stories last month linking us with with him and Liverpool and though he wont come cheap, he seems an even better fit for us under Emery than with Wenger. Top mates with Iwobi as well I understand…:iwobi:


I’m a bit shocked no-one has any thoughts for this one…:cech:


Until it’s on sportsmole I won’t believe it


Good age - from what I saw good player but can’t say I know enough. He was previously a good signing on FM fwiw lol. I’m all in on LT - that seems great signing for many reasons. If we don’t land him, Ndidi is part of a list perhaps as back-up.


I just feel this guy is the type of player we have been crying out for in the last few years and going forward under Emery he would fit that 4-2-3-1 system really well sitting in front of the back four and breaking up play.

I have seen a lot of hype about LT yet to me rather than get one of the best DM in the Italian leagues which he is apparently - there are already top performing and ready made EPL options there for us to look at. Don’t get me wrong for 20 million I think LT is a cheaper option and is a good player but I don’t feel this hype surrounding LT is quite warranted yet.


He seems more technical, composed, and offers a bit more than just a destroyer, which is why I like him. We are crying out for skilled midfielders who can pass, possess, have composure - in addition to providing protection to our defense.

Ndidi isn’t a bad shout from what I can tell, but atm for me looking at profiles of players I don’t know that much, LT checks more boxes for me.


No fair play but I would add that its a lot easier to be composed and look good in Italy than it is in the PL. The pace is a lot quicker and players who have excelled in Italy have often come to the EPL and struggled - hence the already proven option seemed a good shout to me. I personally would rather have Doucoure but this guy has filled Kante shoes so well and he passes very well (and not tippy tappy side to side a la Denilson). He like Doucoure has a gritty edge as well but I think we could really do with a Midfield who is a bit cuntish if you excuse my French…!!


Rathering some one like Ndidi over Torreria just because he knows the league and Seria A is slow is a ridiculous reason haha.


thats like saying i dont want messi because he doesnt know the league and spain is different, but i would bite your hand off for vardy!


I don’t think it is and actually I would say its ridiculous to not take this into account…

Many players have come to the EPL with rave reviews and great stats and great potential then have not cut the mustard. Potential verses proven - proven always wins - and the EPL is far quicker and less forgiving that any of the other leagues.

So there…:kos2:


Many players have moved within the PL and not cut the mustard too.

Pretty much every good player in the PL was once not in the PL.

All transfers are a risk, that’s just the nature of it.


No its not. Messi is a world class player - Vardy is not. Its totally different. Why would you use those two for your analogy? Its a very valid point and if it was Messi or Ronaldo at there peaks… then I’d go Ronaldo for the EPL experience. (Also Italy is also a different kettle of fish to Spain as well. Spanish football is quicker than Italian as well though not it not as quick as the EPL.)


we are talking gulfs in class, torriera shits all over ndidi without lifting a boot that is what i am getting at.


The experience in England doesn’t really mean much because as has already been said, there have been plenty of transfers between PL clubs that have resulted in a player flopping tremendously.

Ultimately - I believe that you sign a good player if you think he fits the values of the club and you don’t really need to look at the league he plays in. When all is said and done 3 of our greatest imports came from underwhelming stints in Italy.

He’s a South American plying his trade in Italy but has all the requisite qualities to be a success anywhere in the world if he finds the right environment.


I don’t know that it’s a case of people not having thoughts. I’m not a huge proponent of the knee jerk, John Cross, old ass white guy pundit view that we need a destroyer in midfield. Bonus points if that player is black.