Who would you play at RB?


Poor Jenks just isn’t very good and Debuchy is injured aswell.

Who should play untill Bellers is back?

  • Gabriel
  • Maitland-Niles
  • Oxlade Chamberlain

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Felix Passlack and Henrichs at LB. :wink:

Voted…But hidden?


I’d go to 3 at the back and play Coquelin there at RB :wink:

Come at me MrBigSpuds


I wouldn’t mind Oxlade but I voted Maitland-Niles because I’ve been an advocate for him to play there from before he had even played at RB. His time at Ipswich is when it became clear to me that RB was an obvious position for him and would provide the best opportunity to create a career for himself at Arsenal.


If we actually had a tactically flexible system we could switch to three at the back with Chamberlain as RB essentially Victor Moses 2.0 would also on occasion allow us the flexibility of changing to 3-4-2-1 and also 3-5-2.

However, asking Wenger to do something like that is akin to attempting to explain astrophysics to a five year old.

In this current system AKA the only system we have we could go with Holding as RB as I wouldn’t mind him getting game time rather than barely making match day squads, other options are Coq and Gabriel but the former is needed in the middle and the later is a calamity waiting to happen.

Maitland-Niles wouldn’t be trusted by Wenger to take the spot IMO.


Maitland Niles, Gabriel or Coq as long as its not Jenkinson.




Obviously. :wink:


Chamberlain, but more as wing-back.


Wow, what a choice! Can we opt to play nobody there and just hope for the best? That would actually be better than playing Jenkinson.

I guess I’d go Gabriel for the experience - perhaps him and Mustafi could swap? I know that would involve breaking up Kostafi but we’re pretty desperate here!


I remember Coquelin playing at RB a few seasons ago, and he looked quite comfortable in that position.


But it would mean Ramsey starting :poldi:


I think Wenger would start him anyway.


But if you started Le Coq as RB, then probably Ramsey would play along with Xhaka in the middle.


Im willing to give that a go at this stage given how poor we have looked in the last 6 weeks.


I don’t know the best option at RB is, but at least if Coquelin were played there, it would take him out the midfield.


Oxlade Chamberlain IS our Gareth Bale

But the opposite.

BOTH British
BOTH from Southampton
BOTH joined north London teams

BUT one joined the red one and the other the white one.

One looks like a monkey, the other like a turtle.

One was a shite FB, one is a shite winger.

Ones shlid is to hide the fact that he is going bald, the others is to show how thick his hair really is.

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Take the best DM in the league out of midfield? Why? :flushed:


Oxlade-Chamberlain or Coquelin.