Who will be the next manager?


A french guy :hipster:


We need our new manager to bring two top players with him at least. Hopefully.


Hard to tell who it will be, but my two personal favourites are:
Simeone: would make these bunch of pansies a little tougher and harder, we all know they need it.
Allegri: solid manager, seems to know tactically what’s up. Unlike Wenger.


I’m not sure what sort of managers will be around by the time Wenger passes away so this question is ever so hard to predict.




It will almost certainly be Arsene. The club’s press release talking about the “long term” and Arsene’s own comments in his press conference make it pretty clear that he’s planning on staying and thhe Board are planning on indulging him.

All of which begs the question, if the Board are so concerned with the long term health of the club, why not announce the new deal now? Why not come out and say a new deal was offered and they want Arsene to stay? They’re all a bunch of cowards.


They will keep us hanging until STs are renewed then theyll announce his staying and has a 100mil war chest of which 30mil will be eaten up by the Stadium loan/debt…And the rest is wasted or not spent at all.
And so the cycle starts again…


Lol! Image Wenger managing us until he dies.


Jock Stein



Hope it’s all true.


You Serie A followers never answered me the other day: do you lot rate Spalletti?


Interesting. Could be great news if Wenger wasn’t already staying


Barcelona bound?


Maybe we should get Zdeněk Zeman as our manager?

Attacking football, lots of experience, tactically innovative…? The board will love him!



Most likely.

We miss out on available players enough, why not make it managers too :smile:


Allegri at Barça? I can’t really see that…


What about Madrid? Is ZZ safe if he’s trophyless?


In my opinion he is a buffoon. I remember his war with Mou (and I was totally with the portuguese in that case).