Who are you?


While most have kept with the same username, I have noticed a couple of changes from the old Forum.

So wouldn’t hurt to mention who you were before and what your new username is.

Or in my case, I was Mysty, and I still am Mysty :wink:


Gunning from Italy :santi2:


Change your nickname, because Luca_from_Italy looks good only for Tinder and other dating sites :poldi:


Shut up, you pizza boy from Naples :sanchez2:
@Mysty, can i change my username in the future?


You can ask for me to change it now if you want seeing as we’re in a transitional period of OA, just pick something better and then stick with it :giroud:

Best not let TheDoctor see this post though :wink:


Known previously as Calvero & TheDoctor. Among other forced name changes. :ozil2:


Oh FFS Doc.


Big words from the guy naming himself after fucking Diaby.


Bow to Leper…

Nope, just Leper now :smiley:


I know, I know. I can understand it’s a bit lame to name myself after such an obvious legend, I mean, you might say (and you’d be right), why not just name yourself MaradonaCuellar, CruyffCuellar, or MessiCuellar?

But I suppose I’m more of a populist at heart than I realise.


Gayish change :bellerin:


Only Cuellar, with this avatar, would have been better :ozil2:


My finest OA *persona yet.

*Absolute genius at work there. :gunnersaurus:


Some of these name changes lads :facepalm:

Doc, that name change is most shocking of all. Even Chandler Bing was better than this :woj:


Still the safest of hands here chaps and chapesses…although I can’t grow a decent bloody moustache …


Poor Doc. Leave him alone ffs! :wink: I think your name is cool @Persona #teamgigi :sunglasses:


Oh dear Spanish Brian :smiley:

BTW, as I mentioned in another thread, but if you’re quote replying to someone. Highlight the text of the post you want to quote, and then you’ll get a “quote reply” box appear and presto, you have your quote button :slight_smile:


This is a great username and you know it! I’d even say it’s better than Calvero.

Also… I was told there would be pink type colour for posts. (not pink username)


@Calum, Thanks bro! #teamGigi #92Crew


Not sure where you heard that :ramsey: On the plus side, you get a pink love heart for liking a post now. I also made sure to have the Like wording pink as well, instead of black. You’re welcome :wink:


I don’t like the new user @Persona. They even told me he is german :cech: