Where's the impartiality of refs?

Story on the Beeb today about this subject. So what if a ref is a supporter of a given team? For me, it should be a given that his professionalism should rise above any partisanship. Maybe I dream in technicolour, though.

In the end they’re human, though, we all have our biases whether we want them or believe we have them or not.

For me it’s a far, far lesser problem than the ability/quality of the refs.

Anyways, both are reasons why, for the zillionth time, football should catch up with the rest of the modern sports world and employ (much) more technology to assist officials.


As @AbouCuellar says refs dont make mistakes maliciously imo, but because are not fit enough today.

For example today, Martin Atkinson was miles away from the action as Giroud gets bundled over. Doesn’t call a foul. Among other terrible decisions.

He blatantly can’t keep up with todays game of football and should either get up to task or not be a pl ref.

No coincidence that the younger ones like Oliver, Clatts and Howard are the better ones. Hopefully we get new fresh refs

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I think most referees are impartial the only one I feel has problems is Mike Dean no way does that guy not have it out for Arsenal. The rest as @Electrifying says are just out of shape and can’t keep up with professional athletes. The fact that some prem refs have beer guts is embarrassing.

Agreed about the fitness of some refs, but the Beeb article mentioned how the PGMOL is giving games to refs with known allegiances to the clubs involved and Keith Hackett’s protesting of that. Seems to me that Hackett lacks a bit of faith in the PGMOL. Who knows? Maybe he has a beef with them. For me, it shouldn’t be a concern, though.

The “only human” bit is valid enough when it comes to them giving a wrong decision, fair enough, but any allegiances to a team should be left at the dressing room door.