Where will Arsenal finish this season?

First half of the season done and dusted! Arsenal are currently sitting 4th. It’s been a poor season so far given how well we started last season, it’s evident what the issues are.

Where do you think Arsenal will finish season 23-24 and what are your reasonings behind your prediction?

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Where will Arsenal finish?

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • Lower

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I’m still going to say 3rd, but we won’t be within 10 points of the champions.

We’ll finish 4th. Our form will pick up again, but Villa and Spurs will keep getting results.

Our style of play will remain the same, so we’ll get 4th. 78 points maximum.

A distant 3rd.

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The way it’s shaping up we have to hope for top 4 because the pressure from the chasing pack is fierce.

After today I reckon 3rd. Today does not represent us and last game was a fluke - put the WHU in between two wins and we’re looking at it as unlucky rather than part of a crisis. City will do better second half with KDB and they just have so many attacking players… pool will have their wobble but might just edge us down the stretch. All that is whatever. I just hate to see the points trend by us slip…. And more the issue is wtf is our football this season. Can’t really honestly say it has progressed and we should have as good defense and midfield, with no real changes to attack.


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3rd or 4th seems to be the landing spot, still half a season to play but the current drop off doesn’t fill me with confidence for the rest.

I think title will be around 82-85. We should hit upper 70’s I reckon.

3rd but I think we are in a precarious position in terms of squad depth, so a few injuries could put us out of the top 4. We don’t have the quality in depth to fight through too many setbacks on the personnel front.

Still second or third, really depends how Liverpool handle salah’s absence for me.

If they are still top or just about when he comes back then probably we will be third, also depends who signs what in Jan.

This is massively true. Despite them being shit recently, injury to Rice, Saliba, or any of our top 3 attackers and ohhh boy. Tbh the flip side could be that it elevates someone, but none of them have form atm either. We needed Eddie, Trossard, or someone like Nelson to step up.

I reckon we’ll be mid 70s and City mid 80s.

Tbh given the level we’ve played at this season I don’t think we’re as susceptible to injuries as we were last year acrually.

No player has been so stand out (maybe Saliba) that we can’t deal without them. Partey has already been out for ages and Jesus isn’t really banging the goals in.

I’d be confident we can find a solution for almost any individual injury, just not multiple in the same spot.

Ode is a huge worry for me. We are struggling for creativity as it is and we really have no one who can do what he does if he were to go down

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Yeah fair enough, that’s the one spot we do lack any real option. Vieira had flashes earlier in the season but don’t know when he’s gonna be back and it will still be a drop off.

Yeah it will be in that range. Unfortunate year to drop our points output bc these are the years we can take it. When a City or Pool are threatening 100, it’s just not gonna happen and you congratulate them.

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Big man ting…



Definitely no lower than third.


3rd. Who knows, maybe 4th if Villa keep going strong, but I doubt they can be consistent enough.

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