Where are you going on holiday?

Vienna is needless to say beautiful and majestic but if you are not so much into architecture, art or music, it can get boring after 4 days. Fortunately Danube river takes care of those days.

Commute -
Don’t waste your money on Vienna City Card or Vienna Pass. One provides discount and one provides free access to attractions but the duration of the card is so less that you can’t possibly see all of the attractions and get the ROI out of it.
Just get a weekly Vienna public transport card for 17.1 Euro, which ofcourse depends on how long you are there for.

Well connected city. Google Maps is your friend but it also makes you walk if walking means less time. Check the alternative suggestions as well, it will just cost you 5 mins extra.

Alternatively you can save money by using cycles. Citybike Vienna is a great initiative. The app is available for you to use. Website for registration. 1 Euro registration and then every ride, your first hour is free which is enough to get from one attraction to other.
Also the best way to see all of Vienna.

Weather -
It’s mostly sunny(6-17 degrees) but carry an umbrella.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Massive and worth the title of Cathedral. I would start from here.
If you don’t mind spending 6 Euros, you can get to sit inside and see the craft unimpeded by people & bars.
There is a south tower you can go to 6 Euros and check out other locations you may spot you want to visit. Warning - It’s very small space, most likely already filled with Chinese tourist if you are not early. You don’t get 360 degree view point and so on.
I would say if you have to spend 6 Euros, spend it to sit inside.

For an alternate spot for Top view of city, There is a 25 hours hotel(free or buy a 5 euro beer) which you can use to check the top view or Donau Tower (I don’t know much about this one) or you can go for wine tour; an american showed me her pics from there and the view was really good.

St Peter’s Church is really good. I loved sitting there.

MuseumQuartier is really good spot to begin one of your day. Go to lesser museums or exhibitions to get warmed up and then go for one or both of two big ones - National History Museum & Art one right opposite.
Prefer going on Wednesday because it is opened from 9am to 9pm. So if you are bit exhausted & need a breather, you can go out and come back refreshed and still have ample amount of time. Quite honestly if you are not a fanatic, one museum is enough.
The descriptions are mostly in german, so you can’t understand them so after a bit you just look around waiting for Dinosaur section to arrive haha.
Edit - Oh, carry 1 or 2 euro coin with you to use the luggage section. You get the coin back

Then there’s Palaces which are magnificient. Opera house and all that; which I didn’t go because at this point I was saturated with building beautiness. So I am clueless for those buildings.

Danube River
Loved it. My favourite part of the city. I used the aforementioned Citybike(should have rented. cost me 11 euros…yikes) and cycled 4 and half hours along the banks. The river water wasn’t too cold as well at noon so I took a quick dip. I recommend it.

You don’t need to do it as extreme as i did because on my way back, I noticed this strip on the map.
There is a station right in the middle.

That’s a really beautiful strip of land to have a stroll or cycle around and watch the sunset from.
Alternatively, you can stroll by Schwedenplatz.

I tried Ulrich & Aumann. I liked them.
There’s Burgasse 24 recommended too.

Dress well, especially if brown. Austria has some refugee & Turkish community issue. I looked shit at the end of my cycling trip and I could sense the reservation.
once I got scrubbed up and represented myself proper, I was able to get friendly responses.
I might be overthinking because my airbnb was in a drug hotspot zone. I actually saw a deal happening :joy:

Edit - I didn’t notice you mention you are just going for a weekend. What an overkill of a post!


That’s a pretty good overview and recommendation @manlikehass

If you’re a bit of a geek you’ll love it!

Wow thanks a bunch for that man. Yeah I was gonna say I’m basically only there for 2 nights. I’m still keeping these suggestions and pointers noted though.

Might sound like a daft question but do you think the day fares would be better value for a two day trip?

What would you prioritise if you only went there for a weekend in future?

Download the OBB app and you will be able to book the tickets.
For two days, two days tickets of 5 euros makes sense.

How are you traveling back home? If by airport, then you would need an extra ticket because airport is outside Vienna ring. That ticket costs 1.5 euros.

That really depends on what sort of experience you want. Vienna was not the ideal city for a person like me who wanted more outdoorsy experience.
I even tried bouldering i was so bored.

What are you looking for?

Mixed group of 4 so I’m thinking social atmospheres, bars, food, landmarks (cathedrals absolute must), unique streets/markets etc. Possibly even a cycling thing if it can be condensed in a few hours?

I was recommended by a local(who I am certain knows her shit) that around the area of Spittelberg/ Zollergasse are nice bars!
25 hours hotel was quite lively. Expensive though, quoted 8euros for Jack Daniels.
So maybe your Friday evening goes there.

Naschmarkt was also recommended.

Cycling can be condensed in an hour or two if you get the cycle stationed near Donauinsel. Cycle for half an hour or so, sit by the banks, throw in an ice cream session at one of the cafes. Upto you when you want to do it, morning or before sunset. Either times it has its charm.

Great thing about Vienna. Every major attraction is at walkable distance. Just start from the cathedral and you will find that every thing is neatly in straight walking path. I would suggest you wing it from there.

These 5 suggestions are good for sight seeing.
Charles Church is paid access so we promptly fucked off from there. I am not paying to see a church after i gazed upon some of other churches for nothing.
The garden besides Charles church though is a good hangout. Grab something to eat and sit on one of the benches.
Volksgarden is quite nice as well.

You may be able to do what I couldn’t. Ice Skating. The season has not started for all but one setup. Look it up.

That’s all I can manage to think.
Mind you, since I am not into city browsing, I didn’t push to check out other districts. They say District 8 & 17 or something is quite lavish.


Legend. Wombats City hostel is right next to all of these and I’ve got loads of bookmarks down already. Thanks a bunch

Puerto Rico and Dom Rep for Afronation 2020 over my birthday in March. Not sure I’ve ever been so excited for a holiday lol

Just got back from Normandy (and on to Malaysia now)

Normandy was sick! Wine and sea food was downright cheap compared to London and their supermarkets blow UK supermarkets out of the water! Ate my body weight in cured French saucisson and cheese and drank plenty of awesome Normandy cider and calvados.

Pics below (in no specific order, pics of Honfleur, Omaha beach, Mont St Michel):

Omaha beach is fucking MASSIVE and absolutely beautiful as well, I had no idea how wonderful it would be - sad that such beauty has been associated with so much death and destruction.


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A few bad quality photos from my phone of South Africa and Mauritius.


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