What would you do?

I ordered a 4k tv from amazon last week and it was supposed to arrive on Sunday, it never showed up and so I looked on amazon and it said it’s been delayed and would now be arriving Tuesday (as in yesterday) and it still never turned up, so I contacted them about it and they’ve given me a refund which is fair enough,

but my question is would you keep it or send it back if it suddenly turned up?

Just want to see what you lot think

I’d contact them and pay for it if I still wanted the TV.

Keeping without paying for it is bad. Even if you get away with it, that’s some bad juju/karma that you’re putting out there.

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I would definitely contact them. Odds are that it won’t surface at this point though so I doubt you have much to worry about.

Keep that shit, and take the secret to ur grave. Snitches get stitches.


It’s already in their books as a write off. I doubt they want to do the additional paperwork if it now turns up to charge you again.


Normally I’d agree if it was a small independent shop but not when it’s Jeff Bezos who just built a house with 26 bathrooms and has a net worth of £110bn lol

Amazon and Jeff will survive the loss and they’ve probably written it off already as shammy said


Keep it in the box for a week. Then if you hear nothing. Aces you’ve got yourself a freebie off the tax dodging bastard’s

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I’ve reported this to Amazon now!! You sir are a thief and don’t deserve to get away with this.

Seriously, wait a week or two. If you hear nothing - keep it! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Would a company like Amazon, who don’t pay their taxes, chase around after you, if you sent them something by mistake?
I doubt it.

I would gladly keep it.
If you feel bad about it, sell the TV on Ebay and send the profits to the Inland Revenue.

If it was a local shop or private seller I would definitely send it back but a scummy company like Amazon, no way.


Keep it. I’ve had similar situations before and the person on the phone at Amazon has actually told me to keep the product if it turns up.

It’s never actually turned up though lol.


This happened to me twice on ebay. I waited > 3 months for delivery and requested refunds. Soon after receiving the refunds, the items arrived.

I told the seller and told them to charge me again. They responded that if I was happy with the service, I should send them the money via paypal. I don’t have paypal account and since that was the only option, I kept both the money and the items.

I was more than willing to pay them as that was the fair thing to do, but delivery and chargebacks are responsibility of the seller. If they haven’t set up a good system, I am not going to go out of my way to do it for them.


Don’t be a cunt and pay for it.

The big guys won’t get affected rather some middle person will have to suffer for your actions.

Like who?

No way on earth that he or anybody else gets called a cunt on this. No fucking way.

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He already got refunded.

Supply chain partner, there are smaller players who works with likes of Amazon

And you think if Luke gives Amazon the money they definitely pass it on?

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Yes contractually thats how it works

Contractually they were supposed to deliver a tv twice and didn’t so they are likely not getting paid either way.

This would probably never be a dilemma for me. I still do about 98% off my shopping in person. :slight_smile:


You waste a lot of time

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