What was your first Arsenal top?


Going off the discussion in next seasons kit thread. This was mine

First arsenal item I owned so I was buzzing when my parents bought me it! :smiley:



It was a good one :slight_smile:



Of course it wasn’t original, it was some shady replica bought from an even shadier marketplace. I didn’t care, I love that shirt to this day.



Wore the fuck out of that shirt.


2008-10 home shirt. Lovely shirt but doesn’t fit now :neutral_face: Need a new version and ofc without the rat Fabregas on the back.


Really really love that kit, I remember it but I wasn’t supporting them fully by then, the 05-06 season was when I properly followed them


It actually fits me again now. :sunglasses:


mine was the one I beautifully modeled in the other arsenal kit thread, honestly loved that shirt with Fabregas on the back so much, even though it was to big for me slightly :slight_smile:


Back when I started following The Arsenal you couldn’t buy shirts. The first one I got was the one DB is wearing above. I also got the blue goalie shirt with the JVC logo and the three broad white diagonal stripes on the shoulders, old Arsenal crest at the bottom of the v-neck.


These 2


Loved everything about this kit 07-08 CL. You cant see the gold numbers on the back which made it even more beautiful. I went full kit wanker for this, bootleg china of course. The shorts are still hanging around, my wife had had to sew the patch back on like 3 times but I’m never throwing them out. Wish Nike was still designing the shirts, they had some real crackers.


This one was my first as well. With Bergkamp on the back. Shady replica bought in Spain.


Mine had Bergkamp10 on the back too. :smiley:


I really miss that JVC sponsor.

Whatever happened to them as a company?


They’re still about. My current tv is a JVC.


Oh cool that’s good to know.


Top thread @Calum, I love looking at old arsenal kits and all the memories attached.
This was my first ever arsenal kit, had the home one aswell this season. Modelled by my favourite Arsenal player at the time!


van Persie’s 2009/2010 shirt.


This was my first and only keeper kit. Bought the blue lightning away, got a pull in it, mum went back to Finsbury Park, kicked up a stink about it being a piece of shit and the plight of the modern parent having to spunk 40 quid on these things so they let me swap it.