What was the last film you watched?


Wow! Beautifully portrayed. Highly recommended.


Saw Skyscraper recently, Dwayne Johnson with another another strong performance.

Really enjoyed it despite the basic plot, I did feel the portrayal of disabled protagonist was dignified and measured too.

I’d rate it at an 6.7 tbh, great popcorn flick, great suspense.


Really? That film is right up there with the worst films I’ve seen this year.


Watched Cleveland Abduction last night, awesome film based on a horrific true story, very powerful, very emotional, worth a look.




I think if you go into it with the expectation it’s not going to blow you away as a revolutionary piece of film you can get enjoyment out of it as a bog standard action flick.

I tend to find when you go with regular friends, who aren’t super into movies, everybody gets more enjoyment watching stuff like Skyscraper which is easy to get with a big A list staring.

Alot of that rating is down to Johnson’s performance. I felt there were some really interesting scene towards the end tbh I really enjoyed the battle in the pearl etc

Honestly I didn’t like the Chinese setting or elements, it obviously a cash grab to the Chinese movie market but that’s no different to having films set in the US to appeal to the traditional bigger domestic box office. Plus the CGI was terrible tbf


You can definitely get something from a film like skyscraper. Even if it’s just a good laugh :slight_smile:


It’s like the philosophical question of, is a hot dog a sandwich? It’s a piece of meat shoved between two pieces of bread, so technically it’s a sandwich right? There are just some mysteries that we can’t solve…


When the man who wrote the script says it’s a Christmas film, then the debate is over.


Unless the author who wrote the novel says it was a Christmas book.


In 2010, Die Hard was voted as “The Greatest Christmas Film of All Time” by Empire.


Guess that settles it, Empire is trash.


A sandwich is made from two separate pieces of bread from a loaf. A hotdog is a sausage in a roll, or bun if you will. You’d have to be a madman to stand there eating a hotdog and try to tell someone you’re eating a sandwich.


Guy doesn’t even know what a sandwich is. :facepalm:


Ludicrous man …ludicrous.

Its a 6.68 I ever I saw one. Some people need to get a grip!


I know right!??

Its like dragons. Do they really live in your underpants or is it an urban myth…?



So a hamburger would be considered a sandwich?


no it would be called a burger :wink:



In Denmark a burger is often called a “bøf sandwich” which loosely translates to beef sandwich/steak sandwich (steak in this context meaning red meat from a cow/patty).

So, there you go haha



Also in England we call a Croissant with toppings a Danish Pastry…