What was the last film you watched?

Inglorious Bastards is such a great film.

Speaking of WWII and Brad Pitt - Fury is another absolutely fantastic film. Highly recommend it.


You’ll enjoy SISU if you liked that, bit of a Inglorious Basterds/John Wick feel to it.

Fury is wicked, seen a a few times, brilliant film.

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Thanks for the recommendations guys, will seek those out this evening.

I doubt very much it’s worth it’s own thread but I went to see the Barbie movie with my daughter yesterday and it’s very well done.

It’s difficult to find things aimed at her age (12) that she can access and this was just about perfect.

Apparently they did almost all the sets through practical effects rather than CGI which really helps it and Margot Robbie is absolutely outstanding. I don’t think the character would have worked without such a strong performance. Ryan Gosling, who I am not usually a fan of, was also very good indeed. I genuinely think Robbie deserves an Oscar nomination though. I’d be amazed if the film wasn’t in the running for the production design award.

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That is outfuckingstanding.

Only the most insecure of men would have this kind of reaction to it. I even saw the Telegraph gave the film a positive review ffs.

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Oh my god. I would absolutely give it a thread.

It got more people watching it than Oppenheimer! And that has a thread! Do it!

Maybe I’ll just turn Oppenheimer into the Barbenheimer thread :grinning:

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Well I work for a website who live for this combination.

You work for digital spy?

On a freelance basis, yeah.

As it should

Cannot believe I said that.


An 18/R rated, three hour long, serious historical biopic doing half a billion pretty much is as impressive as a light hearted, hugely accessible 12A/PG13 film about one of the oldest and most popular toy brands the world has ever known doing a billion lol


Yeah this is dumb.

The whole premise of the Barbie movie is also “women amazing, men stupid” but I could overlook it due to the other strengths of the film.

The Pope’s Exorcist starring Russell Crowe.

Entertaining but allot of Catholic Church propaganda.

Spoiler: The movie suggests that the Devil is responsible for the Spanish Inquisition as well as child sex abuse…not the Catholic Church.


The movie is pure science fiction, although it uses the name of a real well known exorcist (the character Russel Crowe plays) and kinda plays with being based on truth which is total BS.

It’s a somewhat fun film, Russel Crowe obviously does a great job, but you shouldn’t take it as anything more than just Hoolywood entertainment.


Pretty decent horror film, quite disturbing at times.

If anyone is in need of a shit movie, the new Netflix film Love at First Sight is the one for you :ok_hand:

Knock at the Cabin.


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Haha I gave that a go.

Fair play to shylaman. He tries some unique shit.

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It was a cool concept, especially when you find out who everyone is.

Just not as good as his previous efforts I thought.

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