What history of arsenal manager are we?

Mine goes back to Bertie Mee.
Terry Neill and Don Howe. George Graham, with a smattering of Stuart Houston and Bruce Rioch.

I can’t imagine that super George Graham going so many years with sustained failure in the league, and remaining so vociferously supported.

Times have changed. It seems that the majority really so believe that ARSENE = ARSENAL

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i hope to be this drunk soon.



Fuck you
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I started following the club in 1998 so I can only remember Wenger, I don’t however believe that Arsene = Arsenal.

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You don’t say! :santi2:


Haha I’m not completely dismissive though his 1st decade at the club was brilliant. He’s just stayed on too long as everyone knows which is a shame, hopefully he doesn’t further embarrass himself by signing on again.

Haha that’s good, I kinda imagined you in 2004 grumbling ‘pfft, 90 pts, didn’t even come close to winning 30 games with this amazing team, eliminated in Europe…not good enough this Wenger guy’.


Arsenal Premiership Reversal of the King!


The CL was heartbreaking in 2004 I must admit we should have won the CL that season, the 2004 exit hurt me more than the 2006 Final loss.


Fucking stupid clique.
You deserve to be muttering amongst yourselves.
Ta ta

George Graham era for me every time . Done the Bertie Mee through to Wenger but Graham was for me the best .
Stroller Graham literally got hold of this club by the scruff of the neck and made us winners . Adams certainly wouldn’t have been such a winner on the pitch under Wenger . There was a far greater team spirit than there is now .
Despite the 1-0 to The Arsenal tag we had some very good attacking players and we could play .
Anfield 89 sums it for me on a personal note
Graham was oozing with self confidence and confidence in the team .
To go to Anfield on the last day , last game of the season knowing only a clear 2 goal win would do was in itself hard enough .
Graham and his team achieved the impossible . To this day watching it still makes this old man shudder and tearful.
Our next manager needs to part Graham part Wenger .


Supporter since 1986. Graham is a big asshole of a human being, but there’s no denying what he did for the club. Bruce Rioch got us DB, only thing worth mentioning there. Arsene had a great first 10 years. Now he has by far outstayed his welcome.

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