What did you learn today?

Think this belongs in here instead.

Today I learned…

The ARSENAL big concrete letters outside the Emirates serve as nice decoration but also as a means of preventing a ‘Nice-Style’ attack on pedestrians.

Today I learned that British people still don’t have a clue when it comes to what things are called. It’s not a lorry you twits, it’s a fucking truck. We won, you lost, assimilate.

It’s lorry. And no, It’s not pronounced ‘law-ree’. It rhymes with sorry. Bloody yanks perverting our language.



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Well, I just learned the big ARSENAL letters outside the ground are made of concrete. I’ve only ever caught glimpses of it on TV and, for some reason, I thought the letters were made of stainless steel.

So thanks, Persona.

Last time I checked it was called English.

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Red Hot Chili Pepper bass player, Flea, was a voice actor on the cartoon series, The Wild Thornberries, as the jungle kid, Donnie.

@Persona is half-german and half-english :ozil2:

Oi, It has to be true. No lies. :wink:

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This is the fastest F1 pit stop ever. Madness.

Saw that on reddit who also posted this… :smiley:



@Persona with his old avatar?

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Thanks to this video, today I learned about this ‘Theodore Conrad’, a guy who became obsessed with the Steve McQueen film ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ and one Friday decided to help himself to 215,000 dollars from the bank he worked at knowing that his theft wouldn’t be discovered until Monday, giving him time to getaway. For the next 52 years he lived a normal life out in the open as Thomas Randele until he died of cancer in 2020 when he made a deathbed confession to his family.

I like this Docs channel, I often learn about interesting people. Often people who do evil things.

Forest got COVID