What did you learn today?


Think this belongs in here instead.

Today I learned…

The ARSENAL big concrete letters outside the Emirates serve as nice decoration but also as a means of preventing a ‘Nice-Style’ attack on pedestrians.


Today I learned that British people still don’t have a clue when it comes to what things are called. It’s not a lorry you twits, it’s a fucking truck. We won, you lost, assimilate.


It’s lorry. And no, It’s not pronounced ‘law-ree’. It rhymes with sorry. Bloody yanks perverting our language.




Well, I just learned the big ARSENAL letters outside the ground are made of concrete. I’ve only ever caught glimpses of it on TV and, for some reason, I thought the letters were made of stainless steel.

So thanks, Persona.


Last time I checked it was called English.


Red Hot Chili Pepper bass player, Flea, was a voice actor on the cartoon series, The Wild Thornberries, as the jungle kid, Donnie.


@Persona is half-german and half-english :ozil2:


Oi, It has to be true. No lies. :wink:


This is the fastest F1 pit stop ever. Madness.

Saw that on reddit who also posted this… :smiley:



@Persona with his old avatar?