What are your favourite productivity tools?

For task management, I link Todoist and Google Calendar.
For habits, I use Habitify.
For project management, I use Notion.
For documentation, I am switching between Bear and Obsidian.

What do you use?

This is everything for me

It does have the capability to do everything.
I just don’t have the time to customize it for my needs.
I will gradually build it up.

Damn. I came steaming in here to shut this down thinking it was one of those spam threads we get every now and again.

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I’ve never heard of any of these…what do you use them for out of interest?

Some tools can be used as Arsenal managers

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Marking emails as unread and returning to them weeks later has been a solid go to for me for many a year now.


Task & Project Management = Asana
Documentation = Nimbus Note

Don’t have anything for habits though.

These are just helper tools.
Some people can get things done with just pen and paper, while some (like me) prefer to maintain tools which can help organize and remind me of my tasks.

I have poor recollection of tasks & commitment and often find myself being embarrassed when asked about something which I totally forgot.