What are you watching?


Better Call Saul is back and the two episode so far have been brilliant.


Watching Louis CK’'s 2017 special on Netflix, fucking funny.

Been watching the third series of Black Mirror this weekend, watched the first three episodes. I know I’m a bit late to the party but the second and third episodes are fucking brilliant.


Episode 2 was absolutely unreal. Probably the most suspenseful TV I’ve ever watched.




Assuming you’re up to date how fucking stupid did that show get? I mainly watch it for comedy value now. :slight_smile:


I can’t tell what is actually happening, what is a flashback, and what is alternate reality in that show anymore. But a nice looking blonde killed another nice looking blonde with a golf putter and then Olivia and the President fucked. So all in all not a bad episode lol.


just got upto date with Shades of Blue, Ray Liotta a bent copper in more ways than one, J-Lo and the bird out of the Sopranos(chris’s bird)
Also The Blacklist new episodes…Reds in the shit good and proper.


(Harry)Bosch, season 3…


Are you a fan of the books? Love them myself and Titus Wievler is so far removed from how I imagined Bosch I just could never even watch an episode.


I’ve been binge watching this over the last few days and I’d love to know why you think that if you could tell me in a non-spoilerish way. I’m just starting season 3.

I’ve never read the books but I’ve found it all a little cliched, I think Wievler is a really good character actor and I think the show is pretty good, not exactly the Shield but it’s held my interest. I do feel like it’s got more to the story though and maybe the books expand on that?


Not read the books so had no expectations…But i enjoy the series, and think
Titus Wievler plays his part well…
My mum had the same problem with Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher…


The intro song to Bosch is quite good too


Plus season 2 and so far 3 has Jeri Ryan in it…


She’s going to start aging some of these days.


The books go quite deep into his character alright but only a bit at a time.

I guess I sort if think of Harry Bosch as a completely old school detective and I have a hard time imagining tw playing that well…especially with his work as an IRA guy in sons of anarchy in mind ( he was shite)


Haha the SoA Irish connection in general was done pretty poorly. Part from them actually driving up around the North Coast in one scene where I could actually recognize the road signs. Some of those accents though, jesus.

TW kinda bounces around quite a bit on the TV scene tho. I’ve seen him in loads of famous work and you can understand him trying to latch onto something at this stage in his career. What I’m trying to understand is what makes Bosch a compelling story that needs to be told?

For me it’s just a little better than your run of the mill cop show that’s on every week. I can’t find anything special about it, are the books that good?


A bit of insight/reading from the author of the books.


18 books about Bosch? With the money Amazon have to greenlight shows I’d like to think they are capable of more than what I’ve seen so far.

Surely within 18 books as the source material there is a greater story than a tired noir cliche? Hell I’m sure given the budget the Hardy Boys could come up with a stronger narrative.

It’s not a bad show by any means but it’s forgettable, which is nearly worse.


The Arsenal stadium mystery london live now


Haven’t started season 3 yet, but I thought season 1 was good and season 2 absolute class. The cast is terrific, as is the music and the setting, so I’ll be giving it a go soon.