What are you watching?

Damn, that’s impressive!

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White Gold.

Season 2 has been great.

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Three Body & Fallout

Binge watching weekend ahead

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Just finished binge-watching Baby Reindeer on Netflix. Really good, pretty dark in places but a very good watch. Would recommend.


I’ve just done this too. Intense is definitely the description :rofl:

Red Eye on ITV.

Not bad

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This show is quality, loving it and most recent last ep was nuts.

Great performance from Anna Sawai

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They only went and found Martha…


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Enjoyed this. If enjoy is the right word. The actress who played Martha is very good. Wouldn’t watch it again, mind. But it is a great piece of storytelling.

This on the other hand… I would say it was bad. Quite awful actually. Shame, as ITV have made some good dramas recently.

Just watched Baby Reindeer. It’s quite something. Ended up feeling a bit sorry for Martha, but the fella with the cat - that’s a disgusting human.

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Watched first episode of Ripley on Netflix. It’s good.
If you liked the previous movies, particularly The Talented Mr. Ripley, it’s definitely worth a watch.
Beautifully shot , I might add.


Not bad, definitely some funny bits in it and it’s essentially Shane Gillis being himself.

Anyone watch the Football Cops show that came in after the England match. Interesting insight on matchday policing. Also a bit sad to see so many youngsters looking for fights.

Rewatching Breaking Bad.

There’s something so good about the production of this show, I don’t know how to explain it.

Also started Psych, easy watching, early 2000’s fuzzy US detective comedy/drama.

well worth a look see.

Schitts Creek.

Watched all 6 seasons over the past 3 months. I can’t believe I never knew of this show before!

A brilliant sitcom that I really enjoyed.


Finished season 3 of the outlaws last night. Ben made the right decision. Diane was brilliant.

My wife is watching 90 Day Fiancé set in the UK.
There are some truly hideous people on this show, it’s actually putting me off my dinner.