What are you watching?

Yeah it’s not a bad watch, mate. Annoyingly good soundtrack lol.

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Binged watched KIN on iPlayer over the past few says. Brilliant, the best thing I have watched on tv since Succession finished.

Not many shows leave you on tender-hooks for all 8 episodes, can’t wait for season 2 to come on now🇮🇪

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That’s high praise indeed, but given you got me into both Succession and The White Lotus, I may need to give this a look…what’s the synopsis?

Drug dealing family go up against the top dog drug guy in Dublin

I can’t say more without spoilers

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Sounds like an Irish version of Gangs of London! (would recommend that if you haven’t seen it)

I’ll check it out.

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Some really excellent actors as well.

Charlie Cox, Aidan Gillen and Maria Doyle Kennedy. All fanastic.

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On Netflix… Paul Merson: Gambling, football and me.

Just spotted this, see what this is like.


Did you like S2? It felt a little sloggy at times for me and I really had a difficult time with Sean betraying Lale in that one episdoe but watching Luan go full berserker and kill those hitmen in the hotel room was worth the price of admission.

Peaky Blinders. I was honestly put off over the years by how many men cosplayed this show at their weddings and so forth.

It’s not bad so far, comrades.

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S1 is really good imo. All thoroughly dislikable characters. Except for Danny. Danny’s great.

@DavidHillier Need to hear your thoughts on True Detective. I don’t understand what’s happening and hope you do.

I don’t like the supernatural element.

Not a strong start. At all. Even s2 started better.

The one thing I will say is that the setting doesn’t help. If it was “mainland” 'Murica, I would’ve been more entertained.

David. Please. The NHS probably has resources to help you with what is obviously a serious medical condition you’re experiencing. We’re all here for you.

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Masters of the air, the airforce installment from the band of brothers lot.

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I loved Season 2, and actually thought in many respects it was better and more consistent than the first. The first 5 episodes of Series 1 are fantastic, particularly episodes 4 and 5. The action sequences in episode 5 are probably the best ever for a TV series IMO.

I liked the twist with Sean betraying Lale, and it was a necessary move for him. Plus I loved how they tease at the end Asif joining forces with Lale. In respect of Luan, I think you mean when he and his family was attacked at their home, which was at the end of episode 1 of the second series. The hotel room scene was towards the end of Series 1.

Both Series 1 and 2 are top tier. I am surprised no one else on here has watched them, but curious if anyone else has?

Ah yes! That’s the one I was thinking of.

It’s just such a brutal show that sometimes I can’t watch an entire episode in one sitting.

The fight choreography looks cool, idk if it’s realistic at all though.

I knew you’d recommend this years ago and I’ve been working my way through it the last couple of weeks. Only a couple of episodes to go and the special and i think the description ive quoted here is spot on.

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It’s been a brilliant series and I’m not far off finishing it myself.

Season two came on iPlayer on Tuesday and I had to wait till Friday and Saturday so I could binge it

It’s so fucking good and even better than season 1

The best thing to come out of Ireland since Guinness.

Now the long wait for season 3

Tender-hooks :wright: