West Ham vs Arsenal (Premier League) 2-2

Sunday 2023-04-16T13:00:00Z

:tv: Sky Sports

Back to back away games. You hate to see it.

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • West Ham win

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Three points.

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Yea it’s on sky

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Got themselves a 3 point cushion so hopefully they can just be shit like usual and we take the points.


Slipped my mind they still got European fixtures. Hopefully their mind is in a different place.


Was good for them to get a win this weekend. Gives them some room to breathe and means they might target other easier games to pick up the points they need.

Goes without saying what our priorities are here. Win at all costs.


City play Saturday and probably have it down to 3 points going into this.
Not the game it quite looked after the midweek mauling too Newcastle.
Weekend results have made a bit of a difference for both sides.
You can’t let Moyes be the reason you don’t land the title though.
Have to win and should. 3 0 Arsenal but I’ll admit too a niggling feeling about this game.


Forgot about the Hammers being in Europe. Changed from draw to Arsenal win.

I’ll say we get the bounce back win.

West Ham 0-2 Arsenal.


Fuck these pie and mash eating bastards and just get the three points on the board.

Fuck that last game, fuck Anfield and fuck Klopp. Put it out of our heads.

This one is hugely winnable.

Fucking annoying that City play again before us this weekend. They’ll cut the gap to 3 with the same number of games played. No chance Leicester do us any favours.

If we play like how we did in that first half, we’ll win this one very well.


Hopefully a lot of review goes into this.
I’d like to think the pain at Anfield could turn into a positive and give the lads a bit of wake-up on our way to the showdown at Etihad.


Yeah, but if the oil cunts cut it to three points, what better incentive for us to go out and melt the irons. If all else fails, maybe Agent Rice will step in.

Just received my ticket for this :grin:


Nice one. Have spent a decent chunk of today on the Arsenal ticket site looking for a Wolves ticket. No dice.


See you there fella :wright:

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If I was around I’d take you out for a drink!

Hopefully next time :blush:

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No way, that’s sick! How did you manage to get a ticket for an away game?

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Got it here