West Ham vs Arsenal (PL) 0-6

we just slow down a bit in the 2nd half.
if we wanted, definitely we could get a few more.

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Tbh, we were relentless at the start of the second half too, even moreso that the first.

It wasn’t till the subs that we dropped off a bit but even after that we still created some situations where we could have extended the lead even further.


I think the press of start of 2nd half was to prevent any hope and comeback by West Ham, once Arteta confirmed that we retrieved our starters and put in the subs.

Think as soon as those subs were made (rightly so) you just knew we probably weren’t going to score anymore after that.

Whole action for the Rice’s goal is impressive



What kind of interchanging was that?

Ode dropped to our own end to make the forward pass to Kai, who was in the middle.
Actually Trossard was as deep as Ode at that moment.
Kai made a diagonal pass to RW Saka.
Saka passed to side switching Martinelli.
Marti passed it back to overlapping Benny Blanco.
This moment Kai already in the CF/ST position, and Kiwoir in LF position.
Benny passed the ball back, Ode and Trossard on the top of the box but both missed the ball.
Rice slammed the ball in.

Everybody moved around

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Yeah movement and more interchange of positions has been key to our resurgent attack.


Get in Steve my son


Interesting, they are saying that our missing striker are set pieces.