West Ham United

Were Villa playing for anything in that last matchday when they got a 2 goal lead against City or was it just Gerrard fighting for Liverpool?

Nah, they were like 14th lol but no point getting our hopes up, West Ham are shit and City are just gonna robofuck them like they have everyone else.

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If West Ham fans celebrate losing to City they can officially call themselves Tottenham’s little brother from here on out.


Come on you cunts


Cmon you hammers!


I will buy a West Ham shirt and wear it if they do it

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Nah…tattoo a couple of hammers to your chest :hammer_and_pick:


haha I already said I would tattoo Alonso’s face on my face if he won the league :sweat_smile:

Come on moyes you only have to park the bus an let Bowen nick a goal on the counter

Bowen is out mate

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I want Moyes to get his team to win just to spite those cunt fans.

They have the opportunity to officially call themselves bigger than Tottenham today.


Simple advice to West Ham: Every time you touch the ball, assuming you get a touch, just fucking hoof it. I knew hope would get the better of me. :frowning:

Park the bus and let Paqueta weave a Cesc-esque pass to Kudus for a 86th minute winner.
Come on you fkin hammers!

Ah ffs. Kudos can do the job then

81% and 11 shots already.

The Manchester Screwjob

That’s one, find another Moyes mate.

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Moyesy, you’re one goal off a blozza mate, don’t forget what’s at stake here.


JWP to score a late free kick goal against cunts would be iconic forever