West Ham United

What indicates that? I reckon David Sullivan will power through this bad run and is planning to keep David beyond this season.

I few of may mates are West Ham and they didn’t want Moyes despite winning a European trophy because his style of football is so boring and predictable.

They’ve got a new director of football so if he and their board want to keep their paying customers happy, they’ll get rid of him and might go for someone like O’Neil who was an West Ham ex player.

It’s boring and predictable, but it’s been pretty effective. 2 top 7 finishes and a European trophy in his time there so far.

It’s always the struggle with teams in this sort of position. If you go and change things up, there’s a chance it doesn’t work out the way you hoped.

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This is not the first time he threw a shot at their fans this season. He’s certainly become more cocky ever since he won that Conference League with them, good for him.

I know I’ve rubbished the talk of him leaving, mainly because I thought Sullivan would want to keep him but I do feel these shots may be going beyond the fans, and it’s moreso an indirect shots at the management and ownership over him.

I think it was Talksport that mentioned recently that Sullivan is considering replacing Moyes in the summer, and they have good sources within West Ham.

West Ham have never had it so good.

Entitled wankers who thinks they are bigger than what they are.

When Moyes goes they won’t be so noisy


Relegated hopefully, back down to where they belong

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West Ham United fans have to be the most ungrateful pieces of shit in football at the moment. Honestly, who were they before Moyes took over?

They win the conference league, sell Declan Rice and immediately think they’re rivals with The Arsenal…

And people think I’m a delusional Arsenal fan… these lot are something else.

The moment Moyes goes, they’ll be back to being a bottom half EPL club again.

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It’s always going to be hard for teams like West Ham, Villa etc who are in this perpetual limbo.

They’re never going to be good enough or big enough to kick on and cement themselves as a top 4 team but there will be seasons where everything just clicks and they get sniff of top 4 or win a Europa Conference etc and they then believe that they’ve made it and will now kick on to greater things.

It happened to Leicester and Villa who thought they were going to usurp us and so on.

It must be pretty shit being a fan of a perennial mid table team like West Ham knowing that ultimately you’re always going to be condemned to an eternity of midtable mediocrity


They have a good team which, with the right manager, can do even better.
I don’t begrudge their fans for wanting more.

What’s the point of watching football if winning an odd cup in 40 years & languishing in mid-table is all it will be throughout your lifetime.

The risk is that they don’t get a guy who can make them better. It’s not a straight-forward task and clubs like this are still subject to volatility. It’s not that long ago that West Ham were a championship team. A couple of years of solidity is not the worst thing for them really.

Sure, their style is basically millionaire farmer-ball but at the same time, they have finished in the Top 7 under him previously, they’ve won a fucking European trophy ffs and right now the only team ahead of them in the table you can probably argue shouldn’t be ahead of them is Brighton who are overachievers themselves.


West Ham is decent and that’s about it. Who should they be better than in the table in reality? Moyes peaking and dipping is just his bread and butter, Brighton do things the ‘right way’ (Subjective) and they ain’t really getting anywhere at the moment either.



Potter should jump at that

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Mourinho to West ham

The whole mid-season change bit must be rough. Said it in the post above but I do wonder if that shot at West Ham fans was moreso a shout at the people above.

He must have known about these talks beforehand.

And West Ham actually considering is a bit shocking. They literally stuck by him during a PL relegation battle last season and they got a massive reward in the end.

I do wonder if Moyes pushed for that Kalvin Phillips move and is now paying the price for it.

I thought Potter would go there this season but after winning a European trophy, Moyes had to stay, although Potter does still seem an obvious choice.

Wolves pal of mine has a feeling they’re going to go in for Gary O’Neil, seeing he used to play for them

My mate who’s West Ham really wants him to go there.

My mate hates west ham


Some decent young English managers out there if you think about it.

O’Neil, Cooper, Potter, Edwards, Howe, etc.

Meanwhile Gerrard, Rooney and Lampard are destroying their legacies with how shit they are as managers.