West Ham United

Moyes model has exhausted itself. Got out of jail with this trophy but the bigger issue was fighting relegation.


Fuck West Ham


All this twerking these cunts doing for city

Last game of next season

West Hams premier league status on the line

We’ll be there for it


So will Declan Rice*.

*On for Rodri at 83’

He’ll be celebrating a title win after a comfortable win at home against Everton

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7 year contract?!

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Has he never heard of Harry Kane

Utter mug if he doesn’t have a release clause

Nahh, he’s not that good. West Ham are his level.
Good contract for him, considering he’ll be 33-34 by the end if it.
I’m surprised they gave his such a long contract considering he’s not that young.


Can’t agree with you there

I think he’s capable of playing for a top team, would.be a great fit for Newcastle’s project for example. Could do very well for United as well in that right wing spot.


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He is West Ham level and good on him for securing such a long term contract


bloody hell

Same happened with Gavi for Barca. Same injury as well, weirdly enough

International football is a colossal waste of time outside of continental championships (Euros equivalent or higher.)

3 international breaks before Christmas… so unnecessary.

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This is the #1 reason why the performance levels across the board have dropped btw.