West Brom

So Chamakh was on trial with them today!

Also think Chadli will be a great buy for them.

This means goodbye WBA defenders in FPL lol. Can they really not get someone different than Hodgson? Such a boring club. Get a young fresh manager in!!

Gloomy boring club. Hope they get relegated.


I hope so, especially with Pulis as their manager.

When I see West Brom, I just think 0-0.

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[quote=“Midfield_Maestro, post:8, topic:597, full:true”]
When I see West Brom, I just think 0-0.
[/quote]Ironically, they’re probably involved in the best match of the day so far today for once :sweat_smile:

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Yeah funny that

Evans put in another world class performance did he?

Never looked back since they got rid of Gnabry. Pullis knows.

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Still gets to hang onto his ‘never been relegated’ tag.

Big Sam incoming.

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The ironic thing is, if West Brom want to stay up, they’ll want to hire someone just like Tony Pulis.

He has to be nailed on for the Wales job now though. Pulis managing Gareth Bale :rofl:

No problem, he will surely get another job soon in a bottom team.

Just like Allardyce, he will get another job with a PL club or even the Wales job.
How these dinosaur managers keep getting jobs is amazing.
At this rate Pulis will run out of clubs and will end up back at Stoke where he belongs.
A dinosaur manager at a club with neanderthal supporters

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Not a big fan of Pulis, for obvious reasons, however I hope West Brom sink after this. Reactionary tripe.

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So Kroenke+Wenger isn’t the worst a club can have after all.

The only thing Pulis is qualified to do, in relation to managing a player like Bale, is write his name on the team sheet.

It isn’t though. He’s deeply unpopular with the support because of his terrible style of football. He doesn’t have the support of the players who are stifled by his ultra cautious Football. West Brom have some wealthy investors, have been a premier league mainstay for a while now and have some pretty good players in their squad.

This was a very justified sacking.


That depends on the replacement though surely. Ended up with Pulis after the Spanish bloke who was one of the worse appointments in the prem.