Watching Arsenal Matches in the US

For my American Gooner brethren, reckoning day is here. Not sure if any of you noticed but today I was getting massively bored of that lolpool v Crystal Palace match, and I noticed Southampton v West Ham was lit at 2 - 1. I hit the guide button on my directv controller only to notice the “overflow” EPL channels eerily empty. So I start doing some digging…well turns out that NBC has fucked over it’s PL fan base. Here’s an article talking about what they’ve done.

LIke I said I just became aware of this. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Being an Arsenal fan it’s not going to hurt so much, but as I said it’s just sad because I’d like to switch over to watch a more exciting match regardless of who is playing. If Watford is playing Brighton Hove Albion and it’s 2 -2 with 15 minutes to play, that’s an easy decision over watching the last 15 minutes of City destroying WBA by 5 goals.

It’s doubly a hard decision for me because I particularly hate watching live sports through a stream…and from what I’ve read the previous version of NBC’s live streaming app was beyond shit. I think I’m just going to have to become a much more casual PL fan and miss some Arsenal matches this season. Hopefully NBC will see the error of their ways, but I think they are going to lose a lot of fans by then.


Damn. Is this for certain cable providers? This is fox all over again.

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It’s every cable providers. Supposedly 200+ matches are going to air on either NBC, NBCSN, or CNBC. So for example Today the only 3 matches shown on TV were United in the early time slot, Liverpool in the middle, and Arsenal on NBC. The other 4 games today were only on the live streaming Gold app. That costs $50 for only 130 matches. Like I said being a fans of Arsenal we will get to see most of the matches. We will be bumped to the app only probably about 3 or 4 times a year when there is a bigger match going on at the same time. However still NBC is tripping balls to give us all those matches for free and then to give us a shittier product the following year and expect us to pay $50 for shit. I honestly wouldn’t mind paying subscription for every PL match but they don’t even offer that. It’s truly a bizarre fucking decision.


Yeah thanks… I had no idea about this until tried to watch this morning… like WTF is SoccerGold?

I don’t mind paying for this honestly, but I am tired of this total BS double-switching getting f*d over by cable providers and networks… If someone can crack the content nut and make it easy to access WHAT you want and only WHAT you want when you want it and EASILY, I would pay probably nearly the same damn amount for a tiny fraction of the stupid content I have to sift through.

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Hey by the way, you purchased the app and it isn’t working? What seems to be the issue. I was contemplating purchasing it, but had my reservations because live streaming anything is shit imo.

Are all matches still available online in NBC sports extra time?

No, that was replaced by the “NBCSN Gold” which is the app you have to pay $50 for.

Assholes. Greedy cunts.

I can’t even purchase it… I click “subscribe” and nothing happens… tried all sorts of things… different browser, pop-up blockers, etc… just nothing. LOL want to give them my money even though I am totally enraged and I can’t even do that. Heading out to take care of errands before my long trip to Asia tomorrow.

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Yeah ratings were down and they paid billions for the rights. I actually don’t blame them for wanting money for the product. What bothers me is that the extra time matches aren’t even available on TV anymore. I’d pay $50 for the full season, fuck it I’d pay $100 maybe more…but they don’t even offer it on TV lulzz.

Lol enraged is the proper term for sure. I found out about this just before the stoke match a few weeks back. The result of that match, plus finding out about the gold app thingy, well it ruined my weekend and put me in a pissy mood lol.

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Welcome to our world :henry2:

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Turner is taking over the UCL next year and they’re already working on a separate app package like NBC gold. Word is they’re only gonna show 1-2 UCL games on regular tv and the rest you have to purchase.

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