Vinai Venkatesham

East Asian?

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I think he means all Indians that go to the West.

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Yeah I get that and I don’t disagree. I laughed.
I would say East Asians in the West get about as successfully.

A close second…

I really can’t put my finger on it, it just feels like second generation western Indians are especially hyperfocused on getting to the top of whatever their field at all costs.

It crazy how India has projected soft power around the globe. What other group could have a VP and PM at the forefront of Western governments?

I’m not sure what drives it other than rampant ambition and familial pride? It interesting

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I’ve always considered Harris more mixed than anything. I’m not sure why the U.S labels her Indian.

Fair, no clue about their motivation.
I always assumed that Indian upbringing must have emphasised on studies and career growth. Not to say other households don’t.

Or maybe it is age old “look at Mishra’s son, he is CEO of ACME corp now, and you are just a VP Operations”

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Tbh I think south Indians actually


Yeah. Doesn’t Kerala have a literacy rate of about 97% or sth? Pretty impressive.

Yes, that’s correct. South Indians are highly intelligent. Even their diet is top notch, highly focused on veggies, daal and dry fruits.

Vinai receiving an OBE for services to sport from Prince William at Windsor Castle…


Thanks and well done Vinai :vinai:


Great achievement

Managed the key operations of this club with real integrity. Great CEO. Thanks for your service!

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such a memeable face is rare to see :vinai:


My favourite emoji on OA :vinai: