Video technology (VAR) in football

As per how the offside rule is currently defined, that is an excellent implementation of the technology.

And for how long was the game delayed by that? Hell of a crowd on the pitch.

VAR didn’t tell the ref to go and look at this for a red.

Not even surprised anymore

Ironic seeing McTominay as one of the first one there complaining to the ref.

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Got it right for me. Don’t think it would get overturned on a check.


Think itll be interesting to see how VAR is used in the world cup

We’ll notice how much better it is and how much more efficiently it is used compared to how we use it in the Premier League

Well it fucked up in the final last time round.

Refresh my memory mate, what did it get wrong?

VAR usage in international football seems a lot better than it’s use a club level.

Penalty decision.

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Ahhh. VAR is not our friend in recent times. We’d have beaten United without it and last season we’d have finished in top 4.

Why do they pay people to do this.

Nerds gotta eat too.

It’s not for nerds. It’s for people who hate VAR.

It’s for biased Arsenal fans till the calendar year League suits.
Bit unusual this one as we are already top at this time though.


Yes, but we should be on course for for 114 points. Now we’re only going to get 111 and no gold trophy.