Users food


I opened a similiar thread in the old forum. It’s just to have some fun :stuck_out_tongue:

@Persona=ribena boy
@CunningLinguist=wurstel boy
@AbouCuellar=chorizo boy
@Calum=angus boy
@Maxi_Gooner=pastiera boy
@Arsenal4thetreble=hot dog boy
@Mysty=fish&chips boy
@PPB=sacher boy


I don’t like pastiera :bellerin:

I would prefer to be called Mozzarella Boy :kosc:


Im also ok with Bologna sandwich boy.


So you like italian food? Good on you, you sandwich boy! :wilshere:


Haha Bologna sandwiches with mayonaise here in the states is about the most white trashy thing you can eat. I do love me some hot dogs though it’s perfect tailgating food. In fact I bbq’d some delicious sausage in the back yard this last weekend :grinning:




Should i shut this thread down?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Leave GFI alone

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Well, i knew it. You hate me :bellerin:


I’m letting the people speak rather than rushing to my own judgement on this one. :smiley:


Im so confused


Since @Calum is already Angus, can I request a change to haggis? Veggie haggis to be precise?

Or just deep fried mars bar.


Tomorrow you’ll get it :ozil2: