Username explanations

If you remember on the old site, we used to have a thread, that explained what each username meant, the reasons for choosing it etc. So I figured I’d start up a new one.

Hopefully everyone by now, knows the orgins of my username. If not, I’ll explain again :wink:

When I signed up to OA way back in the Invincibles year of 2004, I was called Mysterious Waters. I was just trying to think of something cool and different (I was nearly 17 at the time…) and I came up with that name.

After a few months, @Thomas89 was the first to call me Mysty, for short. After a while others did too. So I decided to change it to Mysty as it was shorter and easier. I think it’s worked out well. Still doesn’t stop people thinking I’m a girl or assuming the name came from the Pokemon character, which is simply not the case :gunnersaurus:


I didn’t actually chose it myself tbh was given it when I was born

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There’s this soccer team I like called Arsenal from london engerland, and when a soccer team wins three trophies the same season it’s called a “Treble”. So my username means I want Arsenal to win all the trophies.

I signed up in 2008 the season we really looked good. Fabregas, RVP, Gallas was still pretty good. I thought we had a chance of winning some major silverware that year maybe winning the CL too.

Edit: rereading this post it totally makes sense for my name to be what it is. I’m one of the most stupidly optimistic people here so it only makes sense that when I signed up in 2008 and we had a decent team my first inclination was to say we’d do the treble lol.


In that case, why isn’t your username Arsenal4thequadruple? :thinking:


Mine is awesome because I have 2 reasons for choosing it.

  1. Is because the way I am on OA is quite different to how I am offline and indeed elsewhere online.

  2. The real/main reason… :wink:


That trailer is really awful. :gunnersaurus:

I think trench coats are cool as fuck.


Since spurs and lolpool have won the EFL cup in recent years it doesn’t exist in my mind.

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Robin can be a girl’s name too, y’know :wink:

Mine is pretty self explanatory

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Italian Arsenal supporter :ozil2:

Sugar Ray Clay Jones Jr

Sugar Ray Robinson, Cassius Clay and Roy Jones Jr

The nickname for a fighter that used to train me until he went off the rails, retired from boxing and ended up becoming a hate preacher. Whatever happened to him now I don’t know but he pops up in the press every now and then.

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@Nafe I’ve always wondered if your name comes from the common shortening if Nathan, or if it’s pronounced more like “Naffi”, like an African guy I knew at college.

I can’t believe Nafe hasn’t joined us yet :frowning:

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Wtf. I didn’t even realise my tag hadn’t worked, was sure he’d signed up…

I was born in UCH Hospital but my first Address was 54 Drayton Park N5 ,it’s the last building b4 Whistler street opposite what now are the concrete ARSENAL blocks by the bridge at the Emirates . My Primary school is also a stones through down the road !


My second name is Kane and people at school called me Kaner in the days I was a bit of a garage DJ

Back in the day when I first started getting active online on forums etc. (around 2002) I had just watched The Count of Monte Cristo and I fucking loved that film. It was the one with Guy Pierce? And a very young Henry Cavill I think. It was so so good, and I loved the story so I started going by The Count of Monte Cristo.

It was a bit of a mouthful and people just shortened it to Cristo, which sound good so I just started going by that. And it stuck ever since. Didn’t realise until later that Cristo is Latin for Christ but that seems quite apt when it comes to my ego :joy:


so is the film but its seen as genius by prententious art buffs !

Advert pretty weird and the Character even weirder and 30 seconds in it said Judders…!

Would have picked another but stuck with it throughout the years :slight_smile:


Mine originates from playing as a #10 for my Sunday league team for the past 10 years or so.