US TV Sports subscription.. Help?

Good afternoon all.

I am wondering if anyone is able to help; namely a US based gooner.

I am looking to set up a suitable solution to being able to watch the 3pm kick offs, and currently investigating the method of: US VPN, US App store, Use US NBC Sports / ESPN App, and us a US TV Subscription log in - Xfinity, Verizon etc.

I have everything I need but the final piece! and I am trying to reach out to someone in the US that would be interested in sharing their online log in details (a bit like our version of Sky Go) for me to complete the puzzle. Obviously I would be willing to contribute towards their subscription for such a favour.

Failing the above, is there anyway I could get a US tv subscription (only want the sports channels that show the Prem, what ones are best) at all? I don’t think this would work though.

Failing all of the above, any other ideas? I don’t like internet stream searching at 2.55pm etc, and I’ve become too frustrated with Kodi now also!

Any ideas guys?

Seems like a very complex solution when there are many sites that aggregate streams for you. It’s just a matter of finding one that works for you.

Yeah I see what you mean. But Internet streams are shit. The sites are full of pop ups. They’re behind. They buffer. Etc.

I want the ideal situation of accessing these games using my TV (via smart device of necessary)

Ya know the easiest way is to sign up for twitter. Search the match with the periscope function and there’s always someone streaming the match there. This is the way I watch all paper view fights ect.

Sorry, can’t share, but I use a VPN and my brother’s log in for his subscription. It’s not without issues as there is freezing at times and buffering, which can become very annoying. All streams are behind TV, even if watched from the TV networks website, although maybe not as much as other streams. It is better than the illegal streams, but far from perfect. A lot relies on the VPN as well. All PL matches aren’t shown for free anymore either. NBC introduced their Gold subscription, so these matches aren’t included in a standard TV subscription anymore.

US app store isn’t a simple thing to use either. I don’t use the app. I use my laptop and connect it to the TV. I no longer have a US credit card, so can’t use the US app store. I know there are ways around this, but too much of a hassle if you ask me.

Arsenal was on tv almost every single week tho, I think there were only 3 or 4 times they were dropped.

Very true, but don’t know what this season will be like. Hopefully the same. It’s how I watch 3pm kick-offs when we play away.

The wife wants to get me a football streaming subscription but they seem pretty shitty plus I’m mostly interested in Arsenal games.

Any suggestions besides illegal streams?