US Police and Black People

Well, another person has been killed after having been broken down…

So Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tyree King, Sandra Bland, now Terence Crutcher and many many more which I am ashamed to say I have forgotten as this just happens so often.

What can be done? Police Unions are gangs by the looks of things. They need some regulation, I mean you Americans have fucked all the other unions haven’t you?


Explain about how the police union is a gang. I’m not very well educated on the subject.

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Mate if I had the PoPo on my tail in the good ol US of A, I would be Fckn shooting and taking some of the bastards with me, too many innocent people have been killed !? It’s like the PDs have been told it’s open season !!

Add Keith Lanont Scott to the list

It is combination of many parameters namely racism, lack of gun control & overly aggressive nature of black community.

You can’t solely blame cops because even Asian cops are documented to have been trigger happy as all of them genuinely fear common man since every fucker owns a gun.

You can’t solely blame black community as their aggressiveness has stemmed from years of indifference.

But you can solely blame lack of gun control because it is fucking ridiculous.

I feel like the simplest and most obvious solution would just be for black people to stop being criminals



Whilst I have every respect for the Job the Police do under difficult circumstances ,their are some bad apples and then there are some badly trained officers out there that panic .
That America is a deeply divided and racist country is no surprise to anyone whose been there.
Unfortunately there is no answer,until America ends its Apartheid attitude it will go on and on !
I thought that Obama would have taken action but he has dodged the race issue since day 1 much to his wifes and his supporterschagrin !

I’m not sure how you can say this problem stems from racism, which I believe it absolutely does, but also somehow claim that African-American or black people have an inherent aggressiveness in them which could balance out the institutional racism in America.


American police is fastly becoming a sort of terrorist Organization. As soon as they see a black man, they shoot him.

Eh, no, that’s not even remotely true is it?

It doesn’t balances out. It makes things worse.
It gives racist cops room or excuse to be racist & justify why they are quick to categorize blacks as potential criminals.

As for telling black community is aggressive, I can see why you find such generalization hypocritical or racist in itself but ask yourself, Why is it that cops are not able to be as racist to Indians or other Asians; because Asians are stereotypical mild/shy in nature & are not know to be involved as much in crime.

Are you telling me that black community in US is not portrayed as aggressive?

I say they are acting like gangs to me because they are doing things like this:

And many other instances of threats like this that I can’t seem to find now because google is only showing these more recent examples.

It reminds me of a street gang offering protection only on their terms. The Police’s job is to ‘protect and serve’ EVERYBODY not to make decisions like that to revoke their protection.

I take my hat off to those officers who do protect protests against themselves all over the US but these unions are a real roadblock to change.

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@Trion you saying that black people are aggressive is exactly the kind of racist thinking that leads to police officers shooting black people in situations that absolutely do not warrant lethal action.

Look at the unarmed black man that got shot by a police officer, as the helicopter footage ran you could hear the pilot say that the black man looks like a “bad dude”. On what basis does he say that about a man retreating from the police with his hands in the air and his back turned? He says it because like you he has preconceptions about black people being aggressive, or “bad dudes”. That’s the same reason that so many black people get shot, or even mistreated in lesser ways by police.

I don’t think there was any malice behind your comments Trion but they are rather concerning.


Fuck all the cops in America theyre either terrible racist gun toting, drug planting, property stealing Fuck bags or they are covering up for those people.


It comes from systemic racism within the police forces and society overall, a training regimen that prefers actions which escalate situations rather than de-escalate, and a judicial system that is too scared to hold police to account for their actions.

Add to that the criminal mentality of not ‘grassing’ on your fellow officers, and you have the situation you have.


yea but no one else is being sensible on this thread so why should luca !

Too Black Too Strong ! (Public Enemy)

I really can’t just ignore the other side of the story.
There is a large black community in US who because of socio-economic factors(@Joshua used the word ‘inherent’, no i don’t think it’s inherent, rather because of circumstances), are rather aggressive or more prone to be involved in crime.

Take out racism, replace blacks with Indians & there will be still be killings because They don’t have gun control. Every fucker regardless of their spending capacity possess some form of lethal weapon.
Cops are already on their toes because they don’t know who is a bad guy & who is good.

In this situation, if they come across an Indian and if Indians have statistically committed more crime than any other group of people, I bet that cop would immediately up his guard, even if he was not a racist.

When you discuss such sensitive matter, you take everything into consideration.
I just can’t go ‘Oh black people are all innocent’

What we are exposed to is Police fuck ups & some blatant racism; but what we are not exposed to are instances where their cautious nature around black guys have lead to positive outcomes & arrest.

If this situation is to change, then black community needs a change in perception at the very least. Improve the socio economic factors so there are less instances of crime & overall perception/mild racist opinions like mine is changed.
Germany didn’t become one of better nation post Hitler in one decade. It took them decades of good work.

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Yeah they do need a change in perception. They need people stop perceiving their community as being aggressive and criminal for a start.

Your attitude seems more to place responsibility at the door of black people, when it’s the other way round. Remove the systemic racism embedded in the US Justice System (100-1 sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine, 3 strikes = life sentence. Bill Clinton you massive awful cunt), invest more money in deprived urban areas and provide economic opportunities and you will see crime go down. Poverty/deprivation/unemployment causes crime. Studies across the world have consistently shown a causal link between economic standing and criminality. Improve socio-economic situations and crime goes down. Stop treating black people as a fearsome menace and you won’t see as many being shot down in the streets.

I guess we see things differently. I see an unarmed man with his back turned to police with his hands in the air get shot and I don’t think it’s appropriate to start apportioning some of the blame to black people for being aggressive. Because you know, the dead man wasn’t behaving aggressively at all before he got shot. Police said he was reaching into his car, that was confirmed to be a lie. In situations like this I think I’m apportioning blame appropriately.


Of course. That’s what i am talking about.
Since the current system is not enough to bring the criminality down, the perception will remain & due to statistics, justified on a solid grounds.
Black guys are just statistically more prone to commit crimes & no one will bother understanding why that is the case.
Unless they acknowledge this problem, work their ass off with given education system, rise through proper means & avoid getting involved in crimes, People will never stop perceiving their community as being aggressive and criminal.
It’s a truth we need to acknowledge, else this will never be resolved.

People from far worse condiitions than US, have made the best off the given resource. They do not stand by, waiting for socio-economic factors to improve.

My attitude is to place the appropriate amount of blame on every group.
I place blames on bad cops who use the cautious nature of Police department around black guys, as a means to inflict their racist motives.
I place blame on lack of gun control.
I place blame on black community to have not done enough to ease the perception.

Only concentrating on blaming Cops will result in nothing but diplomatic behaviour but inside they will remain to be racist or full of perception.

I am talking in general. Not that incident in specific.

Can you show the study that proves this?