Upcoming Video Games

The game looks No mans sky meets mass affect, plus when it comes Bethersda I hold judgement until the games comes out

Apparently Red Dead Redemption is getting a remake (not a remaster) and I am very excited by the prospect.

RDR with some of the more modern touches introduced in RDR2 will be so fucking good.


yeah RDR is better then number 2


Arthur > John alllll dayyyyyy

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I’ll be honest I gave up with the second one because of the sheer amount of stuff to actually do

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I did the same, didnt come back to it for at least a year or so, then I got totally addicted, spending literally hundreds of hours getting 100% completion. Didn’t play any game other than it for about 6 to 8 months lol.

Might be worth you going back mate, especially as you can just ignore the huge amount of side content and just gollow the main story missions and experience the story in all its glory.

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maybe one day I will, you could be my inspiration

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Not the remake or remaster for next gen that fans were hoping for, but a PS4 version is still better than nothing. Nasty cash grab by Rockstar again though reportedly charging $50 for a re-release :man_facepalming:t2:

The stories of Red Dead 1 & 2 are unmatched. A top of the line movie or TV show adaptation by a HBO or AMC has to happen some day.

Some cunt lied to me :pensive:

Anyone playing Bethesda’s Starfield?

I’d love to if it was on PS5

Yep. Such a shame it’s Xbox and PC exclusive.

Yeah really annoying, I feel like it should be an anti-trust issue lol

I won’t buy an Xbox just on principle because of it :joy:

About time Xbox had a top class exclusive, PlayStation been shitting on them for years in that front lol


Xbox master race :sunglasses:

@JakeyBoy Yep. Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Indiana Jones game, and Starfield, along with Halo (which I know people love, I just can’t get in to) pulls Xbox ahead for me now

Yep about 25hours in and i dont feel like i have started the main story.

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Feels like a lifetime ago


How civilised it all is when they’re allowed in, lol


They killed it by making the PS2 a dvd player as well as a games console, and making it cheaper than most dvd players at the time. Large part of the reason its still the best selling home console of all time, I remember my dad buying me one for that very reason, much to my jubilation.

No phones, no streamers, no social media, civilised people walking in without trampling over each other. Just vibes :pray: